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How does CPD work for AAT?

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Continuing Professional Development, or CPD for short, is an essential part of any career. You need to keep on learning and evolving as the world changes. And it’s vital in the fast changing world of finance.

By doing AAT CPD it allows you to keep your skills and knowledge up to date with any relevant changes within the industry. It also shows clients and prospective employers that you’re up to date on all Accountancy practices, you are driven, you’re organised, and that you set high standards for yourself.

Who needs to record CPD hours?

Every full and fellow AAT member has to do CPD. The only people who are exempt are those who have retired and will not be returning to work.

What qualifies as CPD?

There are four different types of CPD for AAT. These are:

  • Work-based learning - including coaching or mentoring from colleagues or specialists, work shadowing, being a representative on a committee, or expanding your job role.
  • Professional activity - attending local AAT branch meetings, networking, career events, mentoring or conference and relevant events.
  • Formal/educational - taking a course, attending a seminar, undertaking an e-learning course, writing papers, or doing research.
  • Self-directed learning - webinars, listening to podcasts, volunteering, reading and research.

How do I record CPD?

It’s your responsibility to track and record all of your CPD activities, but AAT have made it simple with their online CPD record tool, accessible via your AAT account. You can also download free online templates if you don’t want to use the online tool.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, just as long as you evidence the area for development, activities planned to meet this, date completed, and the hours that count towards CPD.

Interested in AAT?

If you’re interested in the AAT qualification, and want to learn more, check out our AAT pages for more information.