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Online learning - don't forget VideoBank!

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In the wake of Covid19 many of you will have moved your classroom lessons to online, and you’ll be getting to grips with the learning tools at your disposal.

Some of you may already have been using Live Online, but with the extra time might be looking to use other study resources you’ve previously taken for granted.

Which is why we want to remind our learners not to forget about the benefits of VideoBank.


VideoBank offers hundreds of bite-sized expert tutor-led videos, ideal for furthering your learning. They provide hints, tips, and practical advice on how to get through your exams and are useful for a whole range of accountancy topics.

The videos are short and informal, not overwhelming, and don’t take up too much of your time.

Why would I use it?

Yes there are great benefits to using Live Online, or any of our other online study options, but adding to that with VideoBank could be helpful. It’s an alternative and visual way to break down information. This could be a great way to embed concepts you might be struggling with or only have a basic understanding of.

VideoBank is accessible to all our students and is held within the MyKaplan platform. You simply click on ‘course content’ select ‘VideoBank’ and then search for whatever topic you want.

For more of an overview watch our video:

So make the most of the extra time you may have, with VideoBank - the alternative way to supplement your learning.

Feedback to us

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our team and tell us what you think should be on there. We are always looking to add valuable content to our library.