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Award winning training provider

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Students in conversation

Despite this year’s challenges, our aim is to keep improving and listening to you. We receive student feedback throughout the year and try our best to implement a lot of your suggestions.

This is what we’ve done:


We’ve made an Activity Feed available to all of our students, so you can easily communicate with your tutor and other students on your course, and also start your own posts.

We’ve also improved our course confirmation pages so you don’t have to call Student Services to find out when your course will be available in MyKaplan.

You said that you were struggling to find your learning resources, and you didn’t know which learning activities to do. So we’ve restructured all courses for AAT, ACCA, ACA and CIMA around the learning programme, which includes a homework folder for each day of the course.

Some of you are finding the volume of information on MyKaplan courses overwhelming, especially at the beginning of the course.

In response to this we’re developing a welcome area on MyKaplan with information that pertains to your qualification such as: your route to qualification, how to use MyKaplan, how we support you and important policies. This leaves the main course to focus purely on the content relating to that subject.

You said that you weren’t sure when access to MyKaplan would end for your course. So, we’ve added information to the: online basket, the product pages on the website, and added it to the confirmation email once enrolled.

You will also get an email four weeks before your access to MyKaplan ends. Finally, we are updating the My Account area in MyKaplan so that you can easily see the number of days you will continue to have access to your course.


When considering different study methods, you said that you’d like to try out an OnDemand course before buying one, so we’ve created a free OnDemand demo that you can access for 5 days. This is available for AAT, ACCA and CIMA.

You told us that when you need to resit an exam that you would like more support. We have now introduced online resit courses for all our qualifications to help you prepare and get back on track.

CIMA students

You told us that you didn’t always ‘have the depth of understanding to tackle the Objective Tests’ as they are written in a way you weren’t expecting. We’ve now included Application Modules across all learning channels to help better prepare you for OT exams.

Past exam content for the Case Study seemed to be confusing, so we have reviewed all the content and guidance, streamlining and simplifying the information so it’s easier to understand.

We discovered that you were confused about the changes to the CIMA syllabus, and how to navigate through the transition period. So, we provided clarity and support by hosting quarterly advice webinars and updating Student Services with syllabus information, as well as updating our websites with syllabus specific guidance.

We provided transitional support content to students who needed to sit an exam under the 2019 syllabus, having initially studied under the 2015 syllabus. This support will remain in place for the whole of 2020.

ACCA students

ACCA Students, with exemptions or who’d taken a study break, told us they were finding ACCA Strategic Professional challenging. We’ve improved the pre-course work by adding diagnostic tests focusing on key underpinning knowledge, with adaptive content released to those who require extra support.

ACA students

ACA students told us they needed more clarification on ‘personalised days’. More information has been added to your MyKaplan courses and tutors have been equipped with additional slides to share in class and prepare you for them.

When studying remotely, students want an indication of how long it will take them to study various pieces of their learning content. Within ACA courses, we’ve added timings to each Study Module to help students understand the time commitment required for each piece of content.

ATT students

Those who are studying ATT said that you have ‘inadvertently sat subjects in an order that made it harder’ for yourself i.e. studied an advanced subject before an introductory one. So, we’ve improved the sitting guidance on the website.

We’ve added a pop-up, when purchasing, that offers advice on sittings and has added information to the course introduction slides. It makes sure that all staff are giving the best possible advice to ATT students.

Tell us more

We always want to hear what you think, so we can keep increasing your chance of success. We’re running our next satisfaction survey in October, so keep an eye out for that.