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4 reasons why creatives would enjoy a career in accountancy

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Working as an accountant may not seem like an appropriate option for an artistic person, but when you look closer there are many opportunities to transfer creative skills to this profession.

So if you’re looking for a secure career that offers progression and a good salary, but also satisfies your desire for creativity, then accountancy could be the answer.

We break down why.

Problem solving

When it comes to accounting, sometimes you need to think differently when faced with numbers and data. There might be something that looks out of place, or doesn’t quite match up with previous figures. Or there might be a more efficient way to reduce expenses, risk, or waste.

Sometimes you need to be able to step back and look at the whole picture. You won’t get bogged down in one or two figures. Often it will be more about comprehending the context around the issue, so that you can then find a solution.

When we look beyond the numbers, we are essentially dealing with concepts that relate to people, and problems - that need to be solved.


Artists and creatives tend to have really good communication skills, and have the ability to explain ideas clearly and in an engaging way.

From reports to complex ideas, in accountancy you’ll be able to get your message across efficient and in a compelling way.

You may be responsible for illustrating a company’s, or client’s, financial position or income forecast. You may also be part of a small/large accounts team where communication is paramount.

Look beyond the stereotype of the stuffy accountant in a room on their own. This profession is largely sociable and regularly relies on an exchange of ideas.

Attention to detail

Many artists or creatives can relate to the idea of making their work as perfect as possible in order to get close to their vision.

This can relate to work in accounting where you must be precise with numbers and calculations. Whether it’s tax returns, income statements or cash flow reports.

Every penny counts, and there’s a collective vision you may be working towards.

Opportunity for travel

Many creatives tend to be on the extrovert side of the social spectrum, which is why we mention the travel opportunities.

As an auditor, management accountant or chartered accountant, for instance, you may be expected to visit different locations for meetings or for different projects - particularly if you are self employed.

Also with courses such as AAT, CIMA or ACCA you would be holding an internationally recognised qualification which would open doors for you in any sector, and in many countries across the world.

This would obviously create opportunities to embrace new cultures and meet lots of new people.

Tempted by accounting?

We hope to have helped you overcome some preconceptions about accounting, and reassured you that there is scope for creative ‘types’.

Have a look at our AAT pages for more information. AAT is the starting point for anyone who hasn’t got any experience in accounting - you don’t need any prior experience or qualifications, but it might just open up a whole new career path for you.

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