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What are the different types of AAT membership?

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By becoming an AAT member you show employers and clients just how good you are at what you do. Having AAT membership can inspire confidence and allows you to stand out in the crowd.

There are six different types of membership and we’ve broken them down for you with a bit of explanation for each level.

Student membership

Student membership is available for anyone who is studying the AAT Accounting qualifications. There is also a student subscription that is available for those studying AAT Bookkeeping and Access qualifications. You need to be an AAT member to sit assessments and access AAT resources.

With it you’d receive helpful benefits such as gaining access to: sample assessments, e-learning modules and career guidance.

Bookkeeping member - AATQB

This level of membership is ideal if you are specialising in bookkeeping, or whilst you are a bookkeeper still gaining the requirements for full membership.

With the AATQB you can become a self-employed bookkeeper and show that you are supported and regulated by the AAT. Another benefit to being an AATQB member is that you have access to AAT resources when you need to complete your CPD.

Affiliate membership

Once you’ve completed AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting you automatically become an affiliate member. Becoming an affiliate member means that there’s a meaningful relationship established with AAT, which is particularly useful when you’re deciding which professional status is most valuable to you.

There are also a whole range of benefits you gain access to, including:

  • AAT forums
  • E-learning resources
  • Networking events
  • E-newsletter
  • Training
  • Discounts

From here you would then progress onto a professional status with associate bookkeeping or full membership.

Full AAT membership - MAAT

You can become a full AAT member once you have completed the AAT Accounting Qualification and have the relevant work experience. Those who have relevant qualifications or an accounting or finance degree from a partner university can also apply for full membership.

In addition to receiving many of the benefits stated above, the MAAT shows that you have the skills and expertise employers are looking for. You can even use the designatory letters MAAT after your name to show just how qualified you are.

Fellow membership - FMAAT

This is the highest level of membership, and is only available to members who have been a MAAT for five years or more.

Fellow members are expected to have senior experience, advanced expertise, and sustained professionalism. You can use the designatory letters FMAAT after your name to reflect your senior status.

Research shows* that FMAAT members typically earn £9,200 more than MAAT members.

Licensed members

You can apply for licensed membership as a bookkeeper or accountant if you wish to become self-employed. Having a license will show clients that you are supported and regulated by the AAT.

The AAT license can also increase earning potential - the AAT salary survey 2019 showed that the average fee income for full-time self-employed AAT Licensed Accountants was £54,000 a year.

Interested in AAT?

If AAT sounds like something you’d be interested in, be it bookkeeping or accountancy, check out our AAT pages for more information about courses and study methods.