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Why study Live Online?

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Live Online is one of our most popular study methods. It gives you the flexibility of online learning, with the schedule of a classroom.

Due to the pandemic, many more are looking at home learning and online options. Live Online is ideally suited to many students’ needs right now and can provide a very easy transition for those who are used to the classroom.

So let us tell you a little more about it, and also let you hear from students who’ve chosen Live Online for their studies.

What is Live Online?

Live Online combines the structure of being in a traditional classroom with the flexibility of studying from home or anywhere that you might be. You join timetabled live lectures online, and talk to tutors during the class for live feedback (via a chat panel). Part day or full day course options are available so there's something to suit everyone.

All the lectures are recorded, so if you miss one you can catch up, or re-watch classes for extra revision.

Live Online is available for AAT, ACCA CIMA and ACA/ICAEW courses.

Is Live Online for me?

If you need a schedule to keep you going, but are unable to attend a classroom, then it could be the right option for you.

One of our AAT students, Tasha, told us:

At first, I selected to do Distance Learning, but I put it off for a very veeerrrryyy long time! So then I decided to do LiveOnline. I thought the flexibility would suit me more, and it meant I could study whilst raising my daughter. At least if I did miss a class, I could watch it back later.

And Peter, an ACCA student, said:

Studying through LiveOnline was so much better for me than having to go to a classroom. It meant that I could stay in the office, or go home and study, and it meant I could spend less time commuting and more time with my family. It also meant that when I did get home, I could just enjoy the time that I had with my family.

What’s included with Live Online?

You’ll get timetabled classes that you join via your computer with all the benefits of classroom learning. The classes are interactive and you can ask questions and talk to other students through the chat panel as you watch the tutor. 

All the classes are recorded so if you miss anything, or just need a recap, you can rewatch your lesson. In many respects it’s just as interactive as a classroom. You can also keep in touch with classmates through discussion forums between classes.

You’ll get all your physical study materials posted to you so you can work through them just as you would if you were in a classroom. And there is a wealth of information and resources via MyKaplan, your study portal where you access everything you need for your course.

And just like in a classroom, you have a tutor for support. You can get in touch with them about anything regarding your learning - be it tricky topics, sticky subjects, or that little bit of extra information that you missed in a lesson.

Interested in Live Online?

If you think that this might be the study method for you, you can try it for free for five days if you want to do AAT, ACCA or CIMA.

Check out our Live Online page for more information.