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What is Kahoot?

Student smiling at her phone next to the Kahoot logo

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform, which a growing number of Kaplan tutors are using when delivering lessons. But how does it work?

Essentially it’s a digital quiz platform that can be customised to any subject you like, and can be synced up to your phones or tablets.

We spoke to one of popular tutors, Andrew Mower, who swears by the tool and uses it as part of his every day teaching.

He comments ‘It’s basically a game based learning software, which can help embed the students’ learning. I use it online or in the classroom (when we were in the classroom). The students all log in, using a pin’.

So it’s easy to use with the devices that students and Kaplan tutors already have at their disposal.

Competitive lessons

For those with a competitive streak it’s particularly ideal, as there’s a leaderboard function which can introduce an element of friendly competition. But the tutors and students are free to use however they want.

I use Kahoot at the end of the day to see if the students have understood everything. They are usually pretty proud when they win! It’s a great way to break up the day and cement knowledge

- Andrew Mower, Kaplan tutor

Kahoot partnership

Kaplan are now official partners with Kahoot, which allows us to access more features of the platform. We’re now in a position where every tutor can gain access to the platform.

So if you like the idea of live streaming Kahoot, and it’s not already part of your lessons, then speak to your tutor!