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Kaplan launches ACA OnDemand courses

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This year we are rolling out the OnDemand study method for our ACA courses.

This means our ACA students and clients can now take full advantage of the enhanced flexibility that OnDemand courses provide.

From June 2021, the Professional and Advanced Level courses will be live in advance of the September and November exam sittings. Our new Certificate Level courses will be live from the start of September, but you can book all courses now.

Flexible Online courses continues to be available in the interim period

The benefits of OnDemand learning

At Kaplan we have much experience in the delivery of OnDemand learning. Our OnDemand courses are award winning, flexible, online courses that use a variety of learning formats.

The courses are structured around bite-sized tutor-led videos, coupled with a range of activities to embed learning and engage our learners using device friendly HTML 5 format. They are rooted in learning science and designed by our learning experts.

Our ACA OnDemand programmes are self contained and provide comprehensive syllabus coverage, including a full exam preparation phase at Professional and Advanced Level. The courses are also eligible for inclusion as part of a Level 7 apprenticeship.

Course content

The introduction of ACA OnDemand means that you are truly in control of your learning. You can study whenever it is convenient. The accessible course structure and course navigation means that you’ll always have full oversight of where you are in your study journey.

Our OnDemand courses are tutor led, via engaging video content which provide high quality tuition at a pace that works for you. You have the ability to pause, rewind, speed up and slow down the pace of the course resources, which means that course delivery can be tailored to your own preferred pace. The courses follow Kaplan’s integrated workbook in the same way that a scheduled course would.

The course support mirrors that of a scheduled course and includes: marked progress tests and mock exams, full use of our Academic Support team, and a Progression Advisor to guide you through your studies.

When you reach that all important exam preparation phase, our course will provide you with a diagnostic test highlighting the syllabus areas that you need to focus on most. Each syllabus area will be covered by:

  • A comprehensive range of video based topic recaps,
  • Question walkthroughs, where your tutors will guide you through a step by step approach to successfully navigate exam standard questions in each key topic area.
  • A full range of question debrief videos, which will help to pinpoint your study focus and exam technique.

For more information about the courses please visit our ACA page.