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Award winning training provider

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Kaplan wins PQ award for Private Sector of the year

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At the 2021 annual award ceremony we took home the prize for our response to the unpredictable events of 2020.

As to be expected, this year’s award was hosted online but was executed with just as much enthusiasm and good humour as ever.

The win represents strong recognition for our dedication to student wellbeing and continued success in very difficult circumstances. So it was a real honour to get the nod in such a year.

Our submission referenced the challenge we had to overcome at very short notice:

We moved 24,000 students into virtual classrooms within a matter of days whilst maintaining high academic standards. On the first day of the March 2020 lockdown we successfully delivered 57 virtual classes compared to the expected 17 - testing our ability to move quickly and at scale.

And also our commitment to our student welfare:

Student wellbeing was a concern and from the very start of the pandemic we provided information and resources concerning mental health.

We are delighted to receive the award and more than happy that our student results and satisfaction levels continue to remain high.