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Mental Fitness for the Long Term

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In our recent Mental Fitness webinar series, we share practical guidance on how best to maintain your health. Kaplan knows it is important for our learners to be mentally fit and to feel confident, especially as we look to return to life outside of the lockdown.

To support awareness and understanding we created a series of webinars, sharing practical guidance and discussing key topics to help you to adapt and strengthen your own mental fitness.

Joined by expert mental health speaker, Ross McWilliam of Mindset Pro, we cover the transition from working from home, foundations for long term mental fitness, and how to develop your emotional confidence.

This three part series aimed to help us prepare for both short and long term challenges, whilst gaining healthy habits to aid in strengthening overall mental fitness.

Key topics

Episode 1: Mental fitness now: how to adapt to the transition from WFH to hybrid or office working.


  • How stress can both help and hinder our performance
  • The wide variation of COVID responses and their validity
  • Behaviour in the workplace: listen to understand rather than listening to interrupt

Episode 2: Mental fitness for the long term: foundations to build upon


  • The five pillars of well-being
  • How to avoid reaching burn-out
  • Employing proactive coping strategies

Episode 3: Gaining emotional confidence: overcoming Imposter Syndrome and how to maximise performance


  • Recognising and managing Imposter Syndrome
  • How to maintain self-esteem and confidence
  • How mental fitness can help you to progress in your professional and personal lives

Interested in finding out more?

After the initial three seminars were so well received, with a 97% score being given for speaker satisfaction, we're running six more webinars. From September we will be running one a month covering relevant and helpful topics to support your mental fitness.

The seminars were useful for confidence in the workplace after a challenging year. Lots of techniques to build on and share.

- seminar delegate

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