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Why accountancy is the ideal career for school leavers

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If you’ve just left school, you might be wondering what your next steps will be. Maybe you’re unsure which path leads to a good career that pays well. It’s possible that accounting hasn’t crossed your mind, but let us tell you why it’s a great path, and how to get started.

Accounting isn’t just maths and numbers

There’s a lot more to accounting than just being able to add up. You’ll need to be able to talk to people and explain what you’re working on. If you’re good at communicating, and you’re organised, then you’re well on your way to have the skills needed to be an accountant.

You don’t need a degree to get started

There are no entry requirements to enrol on an entry level accounting course, such as AAT Foundation. You’ll need maths and English GSCEs, and a good grasp of IT, but you definitely don’t need a degree or A-Levels. If you’re not sure what level you’re at, you can take the AAT skillcheck test to find out.

Qualify quickly

The great thing about studying accountancy is that you can qualify relatively quickly, and work immediately in accounting. You can complete all three levels of AAT in under two years, so compared to a degree you’ll be done with your studies a lot quicker than most students.

Learn and work at the same time

You can easily fit your accounting studies around a full, or part, time job. Depending on which study method you choose, you don’t have to take time off work to learn. If you choose online learning, you can fit it in during lunch, or after work.

Even classroom options are open to you, as there are lessons on the weekends. Have a look at our study methods to find out more, and see which one suits you best.

You’ll always have our support

If you choose to study with Kaplan you’ll be supported all the way, no matter which study method you choose. You’ll have access to tutors, academic support, and our student services team. You can email, call or use live chat - 7 days a week. We’re only interested in your success, so whether you have an academic question, or you need some support balancing your studies, we’re here to help.

AAT opens doors to further qualifications

AAT is the first qualification you can do to become an accountant, and from there you can go on to do ACCA or CIMA, or specialise in tax and do CTA or ATT. With further qualifications, you can earn more, and go into incredible job roles, anywhere in the world.

Fancy earning £100k+ and living in Dubai? That’s completely possible with a higher level accounting qualification.

Ready for your next step?

If you’d like more information, have a look at our AAT pages to see what’s involved, and what study methods are available. If you’re worried about not being good at maths, read our blog: Do I need to be good at maths to study accountancy? to put your mind at ease.