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What part does sustainability play in accounting?

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Sustainability: What part does it play in accounting?

Our host Stuart Pedley Smith, Head of Learning here at Kaplan, helps tackle the subject of sustainability within the world of accounting.

Kaplan’s Learn Better podcast covers topical subjects to support our past, present and future learners to succeed in both their studies and careers.

This week Richard Barker, Professor of Accounting at Oxford University, joins us to explore sustainability. With a lot of confusion around sustainability, and what it really means, this episode will help provide clarity on what it is and why it is important to employees and businesses.

We delve further into the role sustainability plays in society, how knowledge of this growth space could help accelerate your career, and how in this space you can utilise any wider skillsets gained from other degree subjects alongside your accounting qualification.

Key Topics:

  • What is sustainability?
  • Financial vs Sustainability reporting
  • New generation career opportunities
  • Sustainability reporting's role in society
  • Recommended reading

Tune in now to join the discussion