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We’ve made changes to MyKaplan so it’s easier to use

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We’re always optimising our courses and learning platforms for you. And as of September this year we’ve made a change to MyKaplan so you can see exactly how long you have access to a course for.

We have often been asked by students:

  • When does my course access on MyKaplan expire?
  • My course has disappeared - why didn’t you tell me that my access was going to expire?
  • Will my next course have content in MyKaplan?
  • Have I been enrolled as I can’t see my course in MyKaplan?

So in response to this, we’ve launched a new feature which will show you exactly how many days of access you have left on courses you are enrolled on. It also shows when a course will be launched in the future, if you have enrolled on one that we are still preparing.

Here is a step by step guide on how to see this new feature...

When you log on at you should select ‘MyAccount’

MyAccount screenshot

Or if you’re already logged into MyKaplan learning, you can select ‘MyAccount’ here:

MyKaplan logged in screenshot

You will land on your new account overview page which shows your active courses:

Account overview screenshot

You will see a ‘tile’ for each course that you’re enrolled on. This will include any courses that:

  1. Are live and available in MyKaplan now
  2. Expired in the last 60 days
  3. Will be available in MyKaplan, but which we are still preparing for you.

Here is a breakdown of each:

1. Courses live in MyKaplan now

Each course has its own tile, showing the number of days’ access remaining - least amount are at the top:

Courses live screenshot

The ‘access course’ buttons will take you to your MyKaplan course.

2. Course access has expired in the last 60 days

This information shows you courses where your access recently expired. If you wish to continue to access the course you should contact our Student Services team*.

Expiry 1

3. Courses that will be in MyKaplan but which we are still preparing

If you are enrolled onto a course where the MyKaplan content isn’t live yet, it will show as ‘coming soon’. Please check back later to access your course.

Coming soon screenshot

We hope this latest update makes your experience of using MyKaplan much easier and more transparent. To access your account please visit MyKaplan.

*Note: T&Cs apply - there may be a charge and extensions are not possible in all cases.