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Why Accountancy continues to be important

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With so many technological advancements and changes to the roles within accountancy, we discuss why this profession continues to be important.

Our host Stuart Pedley Smith, Head of Learning here at Kaplan, asks the question “Why does accountancy continue to be important?”.

Kaplan’s Learn Better Podcast covers topical subjects to support our past, present and future learners to succeed in both their studies and careers.

This week, Paul Barnes, Managing Director of MAP, helps us understand why accountancy is still so important. Speaking about personal development, computerisation within the industry, and value perception, this episode explores ways in which accounting will continue to be important, and how to make it a successful career path for you.

People’s lives are changed by better understanding their finances.

Key topics

The broad range of opportunities in accounting

Accounting and finance can cover a very broad range of roles and responsibilities. Whatever your passion may be it is very likely you’d be able to find a position to fit your interests and skills within this industry.

Paul explains that you don’t need to worry if you begin heading down a path that doesn’t quite suit you. There are plenty of opportunities and routes beneath the accounting and finance umbrella, so there is no need to panic that you have chosen the wrong industry for your career.

Computerisation and the 4th industrial revolution

It can often be thought that the evolution of computers could make many jobs obsolete - especially within the accounting world. However, there are still things only humans can do. Having someone who can have a meaningful conversation and offer sensible advice is a skill set in itself.

In the episode our guest talks about how we should see computers as a tool, allowing us to have more time to speak with clients and offer the services which provide added value.

Try to look at everything as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Service value and value perception

Building a relationship with a client or employer you are delivering a service for is very important. The way in which you deliver a service or report is where the real value comes from.

The same service delivered slightly differently can massively change the value perception.

Paul argues that value perception from your client is key, if they are unaware of the work you have put in it could mean you spend hours on a service that is underappreciated. Good value perception coupled with an accurate and professionally delivered service, means that you will be worth more as an individual.

Being proactive in your development

Finally the subject of being proactive and curious is covered, as it allows you to be ready to find your weaknesses and in-experiences to allow you to progress.

You can quickly limit your development if you are quiet and don’t ask questions. Having a strong curiosity can make sure you are continuously looking to better yourself and learn more, helping you to progress in your career.

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