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Kaplan’s marketing team help a charity

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Some of our team spent two days working for a charity that champions people who are underrepresented within the rare disease community.

Kaplan employees are entitled to a couple of voluntary days, and earlier this month a group from our talented team drew on their marketing skills to help make a real difference for the small start up.

Rareqol, was founded in 2020 by Community Psychology Specialist and Founder - Sondra Butterworth. The idea for establishing the company was born out of her PhD thesis, which highlighted that marginalised groups within the rare diseases community were not being supported in an effective or comprehensive way.

We live in a world tailored to the majority, leaving minority groups feeling unheard and forgotten. Our aim is to draw attention to the voices of those who are often under-represented - in issues that affect the rare disease community.


Using skills to make a difference

Our sub-marketing teams have taken part in more familiar charity days in the past such as litter picking or work for a homeless shelter - truly worthwhile endeavors - but this time they looked to see if they could make a different kind of impact.

So after running an ‘audit’ of sorts on the Rareqol website, the team went to work.

They restructured the website, created new social media platforms, wrote a whole range of blogs, reached out to PR agencies, and made many posts on their behalf.

It was a particularly important time to lend a hand as Rareqol are in the midst of launching a new campaign, which helps rare awareness of the concerns that underrepresented people with rare diseases have. This campaign is named “Whose Voice is it anyway?”.

It was such a rewarding way to spend their charity days and they hope to do it again next year. Lewis Charlesworth, the Content Production Manager, comments:

We were so fortunate to be able to make a real difference to a small charity that needed marketing support. It was an incredibly rewarding couple of days and we have put plans in place to make sure that our work has real longevity.

To find out more about the company, or to see some of the great work they did, please visit the Rareqol website.