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It’s raining distinctions for our apprentices

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Despite the challenges that come with being a Junior Management Consultant Apprentice, many of our recent cohort excelled. Find out how they exceeded expectations.

In 2019 a group of 25 PwC learners started their journey, undertaking the Level 4 Junior Management Consultant Apprenticeship. This career path is highly demanding and often requires students to go above and beyond.

Throughout the apprenticeship, learners must put the skills and knowledge they are acquiring into practice, and embed them into their daily role. Our Talent Coaches support the apprentices at every stage of their journey, helping to draw out the learners’ full potential.

The Junior management Consultant programme is just one of the examples of how PwC are raising the standards within Industry through the innovative design model and collaboration with industry leading organisations.

- Tam Choudhury and Priti Miyangar (PWC)

18 distinctions

After putting their skills and knowledge into practice, 7 of the apprentices acquired a pass and a whopping 18 secured distinctions. This is a fantastic achievement from all the learners, and a testament to the support they received from their Talent Coaches.

To complete the apprenticeship learners must take part in the End Point Assessment (EPA), which is no mean feat. They must produce a showcase portfolio which is built over several months evidencing their application of learnings in their workplace.

Following the submission of the portfolio, they will take part in an interview and presentation with a third party assessor. This forces them to return the knowledge and skills they have learnt and apply it within the set task, proving their competency.

Throughout the apprenticeship, Talent Coaches work to understand each learner and their unique challenges, tailoring their support to each individual to get the best out of each and everyone. This is particularly important during the EPA when learners must go into depth about the subject and make sure there is sufficient information to support their portfolio.

The key to success

It is a combination of hard working learners and supportive Talent Coaches that led to this success. Helen Daglish was one of the accomplished Talent Coaches supporting this cohort:

"As a Talent Coach, I have found it a very rewarding experience. The students were all very committed to doing well, both in their technical qualification and the End point assessment process. Cannot wait to support the next cohort."

Helen Daglish - Kaplan Talent Coach

Not only were the learners committed to doing well, but Helen was committed to help every single one of them succeed. Here is what some of them had to say:

“I felt comfortable reaching out to Helen any time of the day and she would always make time for me. She was very supportive and I felt that it took pressure off me.

“At times when the deadline is approaching for something, Helen would ring me or send me a polite reminder notice. It really showed that she cared for my success.

One key point that I feel is important to mention about Helen is her ability to explain things at its simplest form. This was super helpful, especially as I was writing my reflective statements.”

Vitality - PWC Apprentice

“Having successfully passed all of my exams by December 2020 I was in a great position to enter the Gateway review and commence the end point assessment (EPA). However, I suddenly got very ill where both my physical and mental health suffered greatly.

“Despite this setback, with the help and support of the wonderful PwC PQ team and Kaplan leads, we were able to construct a new timetable that allowed me to complete the EPA on time.

“It was then up to me to put in the hours and work hard to complete it. This simply would not have been possible without the exceptional support and guidance from Helen, my talent coach.

“She went above and beyond to ensure I was able to achieve this. She was a kind and reassuring voice and found solutions to any and every query or worry that I had!

“It truly was a proud moment to receive an email from Kaplan detailing that I had achieved a Distinction in my portfolio. Helen and I had built a fantastic and authentic relationship during our time working together and were both absolutely thrilled with the outcome.”

Abbie - PWC Apprentice

We are extremely proud of all of the learners and Talent Coaches, and congratulate them on their hard earned success.

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