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Accountancy around the world

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We discuss how you can pursue your accountancy career abroad and the opportunities available when you gain a globally recognised accountancy qualification.

This week our host Stuart Pedley Smith, Head of Learning here at Kaplan, explores accountancy around the world and how you can work abroad after qualifying in the UK.

Kaplan’s Learn Better podcast covers topical subjects to support our past, present and future learners to succeed in both their studies and careers.

Alex Swift, Insurance Director at R5 and former Kaplan student, highlights the opportunities available abroad and shares his personal experience of being an accountant in a foreign country.

As well as sharing his own journey to Columbia, Alex provides advice on what you need to think about before making the move and how to pursue a career once in another country.

We have had luck, I have been open to the opportunity, and undoubtedly the ACA and the financial background has put me in the position to pursue those openings.

- Alex Swift, Insurance Director at R5

Key topics:

Alex’s journey

Alex details why he decided to move abroad and how what he thought was going to be 6-9 months living in Columbia, turned into five years. Now after setting up a new company he doesn’t see himself moving back to the UK anytime soon.

Alex also provides insight into how he networked to find work opportunities, and how he was able to use his ACA qualification and knowledge to change a casual conversation into a job interview.

Being open to opportunity and questioning the why?

Alex mentions that being open to opportunity doesn't necessarily mean actively pursuing and looking for opportunities, but just having an open mind so that when something does arise you are ready to truly consider it.

When you are ready to consider opportunities he suggests that you really need to find your “why?”. Why do you want to pursue this opportunity? If you don’t have passion for what you will be doing, there is no point pursuing that opportunity.

Globally recognised qualifications

In the podcast we also hear from other students as well as Alex, and a key theme that is noted is the flexibility you gain with an accountancy qualification. Having a globally recognised qualification gives you the ability to work abroad without the need to retrain as needed in other professions.

An accounting qualification can be a stepping stone to wherever you want it to be.

Interested in finding out more?

Tune in now to listen to the full conversation on accountancy around the world, or discover more information on routes into accountancy and gaining a globally recognised qualification.