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Kaplan launches a new study method - Classroom Live Streamed

A tutor who is on a computer screen, teaching a lesson

Classroom Live Streamed is our new study method that provides the full classroom experience - but without the need to travel. So why did we design this study method? Who is it for? And how is it different?

This study method was designed to solve a common problem our students face: they want the classroom experience but logistical problems prevent them from getting to learning centers.

How does it work?

Classroom Live Streamed combines Kaplan’s high quality in-classroom experience with the flexibility to study from wherever you, or your staff, want.

Any learner can log in to live classroom sessions via Zoom, and will be able to see the tutor plus the students sitting in the live classroom. It makes them feel like they are physically there.

We provide all the same learning materials so the learner can seamlessly work and interact with those in the classroom. This means they will be able to listen to the questions asked both in class and online, and contribute to the conversation.

The tutor will be able to see all learners on their screen and we encourage them to have their cameras on to make the most of this innovative and exciting new way to learn.

Who is it for?

As a result of the pandemic many learners could only study online. To their surprise some found it wasn’t as bad as they had expected. Many concluded that they preferred it.

Yet there was still something missing. That feeling of being part of a cohort and community.

Classroom Live Streamed is ideal for learners who want to choose how they want to study, be that in the classroom or online. It provides an opportunity to learn in an environment that works best for the learner.

For those who choose this study method there is a greater sense of community and belonging because you're able to see, hear, and engage with everyone, including the tutor - just as you would in the classroom.

This leads to more questions being asked and opinions shared, improving both understanding and levels of concentration.

How is it really different to Live Online?

Live Online is one of the best ways in which to study remotely. However, it is still very much an online experience. With Classroom Live Streamed you feel as if you are physically in the classroom.

The reason we recommend you keep your camera on is so that the tutor and classroom learners can see and hear you as well. This helps create a feeling of inclusion, resulting in higher levels of engagement for everyone.

The tutor will present as normal: annotating the notes, explaining complex topics, and asking questions of the learners. Some students are sitting in the classroom whilst others, who are equally engaged, just happen to be online.

To help illustrate the key differences between our study methods, here is a table:

What Classroom Live Online Classroom Live Streamed Distance Learning
Live, tutor-led classes at set times check_circle check_circle check_circle
Re-watch your lessons
check_circle check_circle
Learning materials available - including study text, pocket notes/revision cards and exam/revision packs check_circle check_circle check_circle check_circle
Award winning online learning resources including bite-sized tutor-led videos check_circle check_circle check_circle
Marked mock exams and lots of additional practice questions check_circle check_circle check_circle check_circle
Access to Academic Support 7 days a week check_circle check_circle check_circle check_circle
Interact with other students studying the same course check_circle check_circle check_circle
Pass Guarantee available with full course check_circle check_circle check_circle
Study at your own pace

Classes capped at 40 students check_circle check_circle check_circle

How can I access this type of course?

Currently the Classroom Live Streamed study method is available for our ATT and CTA courses, and later this year we may roll it out for others - so watch this space.