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Neil Da Costs
By Neil Da Costa, Senior Tax Lecturer Link to Neil Da Costa's LinkedIn profile

When studying for your professional exams, did you enjoy learning about accounting standards, management accounting, tax, management, or marketing?

Have you ever considered standing up in front of a group of intelligent motivated students and helping them understand technical concepts?

If so, being a Kaplan tutor can be a very rewarding career choice and a path you should consider.

My journey as a Kaplan lecturer

I became a tax lecturer so I could explore my fascination with tax. Whilst studying tax for my exams, I felt I was scratching the surface and there were so many facets of the subject I wanted to delve into.

The other aspect I’ve always appreciated is simplicity – if you truly understand something, you can explain it very simply. It’s so fulfilling to see my students’ eyes light up when they understand a concept, after I have explained.

The vast syllabus of the tax papers can be very daunting to students as they have limited time to cover the material. So when I condense the material and explain the essence of the principle, it becomes much more manageable for my students.

I also give my students many real-life examples and try to inject humour into my lectures. When students pay attention and engage with the material, they enjoy the whole experience.

I have written two tax books called ‘Advanced Tax Condensed’ and ‘Taxation Condensed’ using accelerated learning techniques. These colourful mind maps distil the tax principles and can be used in conjunction with the Kaplan material - to help effective learning.

Where do Kaplan lecturers come from?

Many of our tutors tend to come from our qualified students, so if you’d like to become a tutor, it’s a great idea to contact us once you finish your professional accountancy exams.

Other tutors have come from audit practice, business consultancy or a variety of industry sectors. You can become a tutor at any age as your previous experience will contribute to developing your own teaching style and ethos.

Some of our tutors have a passion for maths, financial management, accounting standards, management and marketing theory and being a Kaplan tutor allows them to express this.

Many of the Kaplan tutors love solving puzzles, such as Sudoku and this trait helps them decipher complex case studies and identify the most pertinent issues that need to be addressed.

Over the years, I have met tutors from the legal profession, police force, personal trainers as well as an aspiring film producer. You just need to love public speaking and helping students.

My love for my subject is infectious and over the years, I’ve inspired some of my students to become lecturers such as Barbie Gaion who is also a Kaplan Tax tutor and Chloe Carvalho who is a Kaplan Financial Reporting tutor.

How does the Kaplan tutor interview process work?

After looking at your CV, Kaplan managers will call you in for a mock 10–15-minute tutorial on a specific subject of your choice. You will be presenting to a class of Kaplan Tutors who will observe and assess you on your presentation skills, knowledge of the subject and how you handle questions and interruptions.

If you are successful, you will be called in for a second presentation usually on a specific topic before a decision is made to make an offer to you subject to the usual human resource procedures.

What support does Kaplan provide to its tutors?

As one of the world’s leading professional trainers, you will receive unparalleled support throughout your tutor career. This starts with a dedicated New Tutor training course by our own Kaplan Training Academy training which is compulsory for all our new tutors.

Thereafter, you will receive constant support which includes Live Teach-ins where you have the opportunity to observe an experienced tutor delivering the subject you are preparing to deliver.

Tutors in your region are also very friendly and supportive. They are always on hand to answer any questions you have and provide reassurance when needed.

Many new tutors also benefit from a dedicated mentor who is a specialist in the subject you will be lecturing in. In my region, I am currently supporting two new tax tutors with any queries they have and keep tabs on their progress when I see them.

What are some of the gripes about being a Kaplan tutor?

Revision periods can be particularly busy due to many courses being scheduled in the period before the exam. In addition, students can also be very tense before the exam if they are inadequately prepared, and you will need to manage expectations.

Our courses can be scheduled up to a year in advance and it can be difficult to know what your plans are so long in advance. It can also be difficult picking up a new subject and mastering the technical content alongside your other courses.

Benefits of becoming a Kaplan tutor

Being a tutor means that you will be challenged every day, as each class is different. There is also a deep feeling of purpose and fulfilment in knowing that by helping your students pass their exams. They can build a better life for themselves. I get so much pride from meeting my students years later and seeing what amazing careers they have developed.

Many recent studies show that many professionals are getting disenchanted with the rat-race of corporate lives and quitting their jobs to find something more meaningful. Being a Kaplan Tutor will give you that sense of purpose.

You will also receive a market level remuneration package.

Neil Da Costa is a Senior Tax Lecturer with Kaplan. He believes in inspiring his students and getting them to believe in themselves.