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Award winning training provider

Award winning training provider

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CFA exams are really hard - but we’ll get you through them

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It’s true - CFA exams are notoriously difficult. It takes strong discipline and an extensive amount of studying to pass them - over 300 hours per level for most students. So how can Kaplan help if you don’t pass your exams?

Pass Protection

We offer all CFA students our Pass Protection - this is our commitment to you that you will pass the CFA exams with extra support. We’ll give you a free revision course for the next available exam sitting if you studied Classroom, Blended or Live Online. We’ll also give you your online study materials, free of charge, to go along with your revision course.

And not just that, if you don’t pass the second time, you can book further revision courses - we’re that committed to your success! Please note that terms and conditions will apply.

Studied with another provider, but didn’t pass?

We’re confident that you’ll pass with Kaplan - so confident that we’re giving you 50% off your CFA study package with us. This is only available if you previously studied with another CFA course provider but didn’t pass. Not only do you get a massive discount, but you also get Pass Protection mentioned above. You can keep trying as many times as you need.

All you need to do is provide us with proof of your results, and proof of your previous studies, such as an invoice from your previous provider, and we’ll enrol you on your CFA course.

Continual support

We know how tough the CFA exams are, and just how much studying you have to do, so we have expert tutors to support you every step of the way. You can contact our tutors during the week, and they’ll respond within 48 hours. If you take a classroom course, your tutors will provide you with their contact details, so you can get in touch with them.

Online resources

You’ll also get access to plenty of online resources through Kaplan Schweser’s online portal. It provides access to a range of materials and online content, including question banks, mock exams, weekly tasks to help with your study plan, and videos by experts explaining tricky subjects. But that’s just a small number of things you will have access to - all the resources you will need to succeed are in one place.

Ready to try again?

If you didn’t pass, but studied with another provider, check out our 50% discount on a Kaplan CFA course. If you’re already a Kaplan student, and didn’t pass, don’t forget to make the most of Pass Protection and book your revision course now by emailing