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Your well-being means a lot to us - 2022 survey results

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To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, we issued a survey to find out more about our students’ current mental health. Here’s a summary of the results and the options we have if you’re struggling.

The survey covered: current mental health, Kaplan’s role in supporting our students, and our mental fitness seminars.

The 2022 survey

The survey went out to 3401 students and had a 13% response rate.

433 students responded to the six questions that we put to them. We also used this opportunity to remind learners about our popular mental fitness seminars which we run each month with our expert trainer Mindset Pro.

Compared to our 2021 pulse survey, the student well-being of those surveyed appears to have improved. 62% of those surveyed said that their mental health was ‘good’ or ‘very good’ (51% in May 2021). However 15% of learners still stated that their mental health was ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ (22%, May 2021).

35% of the learners expected Kaplan to play a part in supporting their mental health if they needed it (40% May 2021). An additional 11% of these expected Kaplan to take a proactive approach to their well-being (10% May 2021).

Support platforms

The most commonly used sources of support were Talent Coaches, the student well-being site and Tutors. Those that had responded were generally positive, with over 70% of learners rating Talent Coach, Tutor and Progression Advisor support as ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

57% of respondents were interested in the well-being seminars and we received over 95 suggestions for additional topic areas that we could consider for future sessions.

We also received some excellent suggestions of ways in which Kaplan could improve in this area. One key theme that came across was about ‘providing more visibility of the help and support that you can offer’. So we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of where you can access support:

  • Talent Coach (apprentices only)
  • Tutor (classroom and live online learners)
  • Progression Advisor (OnDemand learners/ AAT distance learners)
  • Kaplan student well-being page (All learners)
  • Well-being microsite (Apprentices only - please ask your Talent Coach for access)
  • Safeguarding - email (All learners)

We hope this piece gives you an awareness of what other students are going through right now, plus the range of resources and ways you can receive help if you are struggling.

This piece was written by Kaplan’s Well-being lead, Sarah Powell (Mental Health First Aider).