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Why we are launching a Data Analytics SAS® apprenticeship

Two people looking at a data visualisation printed out on paper

We’ve recently launched a Data Analyst powered by SAS® apprenticeship, designed to provide learners with modern analytical skills and the ability to analyse trends through data visualisation.

We know it’s a great apprenticeship, but why? And why would someone want to do it?

The most popular technology

We have other data analysis programmes that use other popular technologies, but SAS is in the top three tools that analysts use. It’s always going to move with technological advances and give your organisation the insights it needs. By training your employees to use the platform effectively, you’re making sure they have the right tools and knowledge to really benefit your business.

Collaborative working

We’ve partnered with SAS so we can include special content. We use the content created by them and we deliver it around the apprenticeship framework. Our tutors have also gone through a training regime to ensure they are as proficient and skilled as possible in order to deliver it effectively.

Having this specific SAS pathway for our Data Analyst apprenticeship means it’s not just a one size fits all solution, it’s very niche to the apprentices’ day job.

- Beth Todd, Kaplan

Give employees the right skills and the right tools

By training your employees to obtain and analyse data, you’ll be able to see what’s going on in every aspect of your organisation. From sales reports, to web traffic, having the right skills to analyse data can give you enormous insight to trends, and foresight for potential risks.

This apprenticeship is typically 15 months of learning, with three months for their end-point-assessment, to ensure they are fully competent. It starts with Excel skills, which are key for data analysts, and then goes into data visualisation and statistics using SAS. Your apprentice can even choose to take additional exams during their learning and become fully SAS certified, outside of the apprenticeship qualification.

The way to unlock the power of SAS is through people

- Jason Moss, Kaplan

Why SAS?

SAS technology is used across a whole range of industries, for example, a retail company can use data to understand the full customer journey. Things like loyalty cards provide data on spending habits and purchase information, which retailers can then use to optimise the customer experience. In the Financial Services sector, data is utilised to decide whether an individual is suitable for certain products like loans or mortgages. And they can also use this to recommend other products and services, so if someone has a banking account with them, they may also be a good fit for a new mortgage customer.

Every single industry and organisation will have analytics involved somewhere

- Nigel Armstead, SAS

Why a Kaplan and SAS apprenticeship?

Kaplan is the only commercial organisation in the UK and Ireland to deliver the SAS apprenticeship as an approved training provider. With SAS bringing their content, expertise, and support to the programme, including access to an official learning consultant. There are a range of training resources above and beyond what is included in the standard courses.

Kaplan apprentices are also supported throughout their apprenticeship by tutors, academic support, SenCo coordinators, and line managers - they’ll get the knowledge they need, essential work experience, and a team of people focussed on their success.

By working with Kaplan, SAS users can leverage years of apprenticeship experience and their tutors’ qualified skills

- Nigel Armstead, SAS

Interested in the Data Analyst powered by SAS Apprenticeship?

If you think this apprenticeship would be the right fit for your organisation, have a look at our programme page for more information.