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Classroom to career: The career-forward benefits of apprenticeships

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It can be difficult to decide what the next step is after completing high school or university. Yet many people have a preconception of what an apprenticeship is and who this is most suitable for. However, don’t rule out an apprenticeship as an option just yet. We are here to change your mind.

Let’s have a look at why an apprenticeship could be the right choice for you.

Learn while you earn

Apprenticeships offer the perfect alternative to traditional education. Instead of spending your days in class, you can gain valuable job experience in a position that you enjoy, while also earning money. Not only will you be learning practical skills, but you'll also come away from an apprenticeship with a much deeper understanding of the industry and how it functions.

By combining academic knowledge with hands-on experience, an apprenticeship offers the best of both worlds and significantly increases your employability when starting in the workforce.

Higher chances of full-time employment and a career path

It is often overlooked that apprenticeships can increase your chances of full-time employment in comparison to a university degree. This is because you’ll have had much more work experience and the relevant education behind you. When making the transition from full-time education to the working world, an apprenticeship can be the smoothest option to take.

Not only will the work experience be beneficial, but this will also already allow you to have your foot in the door, leading to career growth. Networking is an important aspect of an apprenticeship and your contacts in the industry will grow throughout your journey.

On-the-job training

If you know what trade, industry, or profession you want to go into, then apprenticeships provide a great opportunity for you to develop your skill sets. By combining education with professional experience, as an apprentice, you will be empowered to obtain the necessary knowledge and competencies needed for your chosen industry.

With hands-on experience, you’ll find that your confidence will grow in your chosen field, and you’ll come away feeling enriched with newfound knowledge and a competitive edge which will help you on the path to success.

Apprenticeship programmes are available in many different industries

Apprenticeships are available in most industries, so if you know what you’d like to do as a career, there’s a high chance that you’ll find a programme to suit your needs. Many people assume that academically gifted people go to university and practical people go into apprenticeships. However, this is not the case. You can do an apprenticeship for less ‘practical’ jobs, such as accountancy, data and technology, banking and many more besides.

Opting for an apprenticeship doesn’t challenge your brain any less, and you’ll still be receiving the necessary qualifications alongside your practical work. The key differences between university and an apprenticeship are that you are gaining extra work experience, specific knowledge for your chosen career, and working alongside other like-minded professionals. And, not to forget, all of these benefits of an apprenticeship do not come with student debt!

Increased job satisfaction

An important aspect of any workplace is job satisfaction. In the working world, you’ll notice that to lead a happy and healthy life, your job will be a significant contributor. If you don’t enjoy your work, this can impact your personal life.

Employers who are willing to help their workforce grow and develop are great examples of how to create a satisfactory place to work.

Although you’ll be gaining skills and knowledge through an apprenticeship, you will also feel like your employer is investing in you as a person. Rather than feeling like a replaceable name on the payroll, an apprenticeship will give you the understanding that you’re an invaluable asset to your workplace, and that you’re appreciated for what you do.

In addition to this, an apprenticeship will eventually lead to more progression opportunities and higher pay in comparison to those without the same level of education and experience. The unique advantages of a training programme can be hugely beneficial on both a personal and professional level.

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