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Webinar: Overcoming Anxiety: how to stop negative mental chatter

Recently, we held a webinar in line with Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 to provide advice, tips and strategies on how to stop negative mental chatter. The theme for MHAW this year was anxiety. Our panellists came together to discuss this topic in more detail and help you overcome anxiety.

Event panellists

We were joined by mental health expert speaker and coach, Ross McWilliam, from Mindset Pro. Ross draws on his personal experiences and career in coaching to support others. He has 30 years of expertise coaching young people and business leaders on mental health and resilience.

Alongside Ross was Kaplan’s very own Jenny Pelling. Jenny is the Director of Apprenticeship Development and Diversity, a Wellbeing Lead at Kaplan and a qualified Mental Health First Aider. She is also the lead at Kaplan for “Brighter Futures,” which focuses on the social mobility of apprenticeships.

Key topics discussed

Using stress and anxiety to your advantage

Ross discussed the difference between stress and anxiety, and how anxiety can be a supportive friend if you use it to your advantage rather than view it as a threat.

Discussing the topic of stress, Ross continued by briefly highlighting research and history, explaining how it can be good in small doses, but the frequency and intensity of stress are what can become a problem.

Speech marks

“Don’t be scared of stress and anxiety, embrace it. This is an opportunity rather than a full frontal threat.”

How the brain works

Using a diagram of the brain, Ross demonstrated the theories of anxiety further, particularly highlighting the amygdala and hippocampus.

Strategies to help recognise and manage mental chatter

During the webinar, Ross talked through many tips and techniques to help you approach and control mental chatter.

Strategies and techniques mentioned include:

  • Acceptance commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Breathing and visualisation techniques
  • Don’t ignore your mental chatter
  • How to stay focused on your own journey
  • Recording your thoughts in a mood diary
  • Post-event questions to ask yourself.

Support available

Jenny highlighted some of the resources at Kaplan that are available to support you with your mental health, anxiety and overall well-being. Further information about where you can find support can be found through the Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 blog article.

Q&A session

Jenny and Ross answered questions asked by the webinar attendees that provide further advice and support.

Watch the full webinar online

You can catch up on the discussion online now and find out how you can stop negative mental chatter.

At Kaplan, your mental health and well-being are important to us - not just for Mental Health Awareness Week but all year round. We encourage you to get in touch with our relevant teams if you need any support and we will be happy to help.