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Dominic Horne

While a gap year is very popular, everyone has a different experience. You may find this to be a trip of a lifetime that will help provide clarity on your future career goals, or it might just be an expensive holiday. But, if you work in finance, you may find that you can get the best experience while still earning money and working abroad.

In this episode of our Learn Better Podcast, host Stuart Pedley Smith, Head of Learning at Kaplan, looks at accountancy all around the world with guest, Dominic Horne.

Dominic is a Senior Manager at Robert Walters, one of the world’s leading specialists in professional recruitment. Robert Walters has over 4000 employees worldwide and operates in over 30 countries.

Dominic and Stuart discuss everything about accountancy around the world.

Key topics discussed

Dominic's career journey

Dominic opted not to go to university after leaving full-time education and went straight into employment while studying AAT and then ACCA. He discusses how he contacted Robert Walters for them to help him find a career in finance, yet this resulted in him working with their company.

He shares more details of his job role and how he works with clients and candidates domestically and internationally.

Speech marks

“I’ve seen and worked with businesses that I never knew existed.”

Skills: Finance, technical and personal

Dominic talks about his personal and professional skills, highlighting that he is a natural people-person who can read people and dissect what’s important to them.

As well as Dominic’s personal skills, he also mentions the skills that are usually expected from all accountants, such as attention to detail, analytical thinking and resilience. He highlights the technical and personal skills needed in a finance role while talking about his experience of the dramatic shift in clients who seek technically skilled professionals.

Speech marks

“Good, strong technical accountants are in demand globally”

While a finance career is transferable across many different countries, they also talk more specifically about the requirements that are sought after for those who wish to relocate for work. One key message is that the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) is generally accepted worldwide, so it’s important to have a working and proficient knowledge of those and how to apply them.

Travelling and working

Stuart and Dominic offer advice to listeners who are looking to work abroad. He mentions the sponsorship and language requirements in specific countries, as well as the most popular destinations for professionals.

Aside from the international element of his role, Dominic also highlights the rise in sustainability concerns amongst candidates and clients.

Speech marks

“We’re seeing a lot of the younger talent coming through and caring about the social position of the business and what they’re doing to give back to society.”

Do your homework

Dominic and Stuart talk about the importance of doing your research before moving abroad to work. Discussing the possibility of secondments, and asking yourself questions such as do you have a support network in the country?

They also talk through many different options to work abroad, making the most out of your situation, and how different nations require different levels of qualifications or experience.

Speech marks

“If you want a career in finance, it is infinitely better to pursue a qualification than not.”

Listen to the full conversation

Dominic shares many tips, advice and his experience with Stuart throughout the podcast. Listen to the full episode (episode 29) online now.

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