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Find the right balance: Boost your workplace’s potential

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It is often overlooked how important continuous training, learning and personal development are in the workplace.

Apprenticeships are a great option to ensure that your employees are excited to progress and advance their careers, while still bridging those skill gaps.

So, if you’re looking to invest in your employees and boost your workplace’s potential, then the best place to begin is by assessing the benefits of training programmes. Training both existing and new employees can be detrimental to how your business grows.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can boost your workplace’s potential with both new and existing employees.

Diversity and talent recruitment. Training programmes, such as an apprenticeship, can work well for both existing and new employees. Apprenticeships are available at a range of levels, targeting professionals from school leavers to career changers. Therefore, enrolling new employees on an apprenticeship can help to diversify your workplace, which will encourage new and creative ideas.

However, this same theory can apply to existing employees. Additional training and development will allow them to demonstrate new strengths and skills to the job role, while an apprenticeship can provide employees with an education that they may not have had access to in the past.

Application of training to the workplace. Hiring new employees who lack work experience can provide you with the opportunity to offer them the relevant training and development to help shape their skills to suit the workplace’s goals. Through an apprenticeship, you can help develop new employees’ sector-relevant skills while they’ll learn how to communicate and collaborate with others. However, alongside the development of knowledge and skills, your new colleagues will be able to immediately apply this to the workplace, which will significantly boost your organisation’s, and the individual’s, potential.

On the other hand, existing employees already understand the workplace, such as its goals and values. Their experience and knowledge can be supported through an apprenticeship, allowing them to learn and train, earn an income, and immediately apply their newfound knowledge to their role.

Training support. A common pain point for employers is that they don’t have enough time to train existing staff. Therefore, many aim to seek new talent who are already skilled in the areas that the business is lacking.

But with an apprenticeship, an expert tutor will guide the learners through the content, while a Talent Coach would regularly update and check in with both you and the apprentice throughout the programme. This is significant when you consider the overwhelming demand for skilled professionals. The training is led by skilled professionals so that you can boost your own workplace, without fighting to stand out from other competitors.

The training and support from apprenticeships will push your business into a whole new playing field. The programmes can be shaped to suit your organisation’s goals, so you have everything you need without lifting a finger.

Find the right balance

There are pros and cons to both hiring new employees and training existing employees. It is up to you, as an employer, to evaluate what is best for your organisation. However, the existing research represents that investing in your employees will encourage job satisfaction, growth, and potential.

Boost your workplace’s potential

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