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Still unsure whether an apprenticeship is right for you? Let the statistics do the talking

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Whether you’re a professional wanting to progress your career or looking to change careers altogether, or an employer looking to upskill the workplace, exploring an apprenticeship is a great option. The training will ensure that all apprentices have the knowledge and skills required to succeed and excel in their chosen industry while benefiting everyone involved.

But if you’re still unsure whether this is the best route for you, we’ve brought together some useful statistics to show exactly how an apprenticeship makes a difference.

Employment status

Recently, 892 former Kaplan apprentices answered telephone questions about what they have been up to since completing their apprenticeship.

  • 99% of former Kaplan apprentices were in paid employment, self-employed or in higher education
  • 0.8% of former Kaplan apprentices were unemployed or looking for work
  • Just over 0.1% had taken time out to go travelling.

Apprenticeship application to the workplace

At Kaplan, we work hard to ensure that all apprentices and employers are supported throughout and provided with all of the necessary knowledge that they need for their career goals and aspirations. It’s not just about what you know, but how you apply it.

We were pleased, but not surprised, to see former apprentices talking about the direct employment impact that their apprenticeship had.

  • 95% of respondents said that their time spent learning helps them to perform their current job better
  • 85% of respondents said that their apprenticeship helped them to get a pay rise or promotion
  • 78% of former apprentices said that their training helped to improve job satisfaction
  • 85% said that they have a clearer idea for their future employment.

Benefits to the employer

However, it’s not just the apprentices that felt the benefits. Through the survey, the former apprentices also noticed how it benefited their employers.

  • 76% said that they have made recommendations post apprenticeship which helped the business
  • 85% believe that they’ve helped to create a positive team spirit
  • 93% think that they are reaching goals and targets
  • 89% have taken on extra responsibilities
  • 94% have become more confident and competent employees.

And if you’re still uncertain whether an apprenticeship is right for you or your business, browse through our Insight blog articles which feature testimonials from Kaplan apprentices, clients, tutors, Talent Coaches and more.

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