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Artificial intelligence: Change is going to happen

Dan Sodergren

In this thrilling episode of the Learn Better Podcast, host Stuart Pedley Smith chats with AI visionary Dan Sodergren about how artificial intelligence will revolutionise industries and enhance our lives.

Key topics discussed

Dan’s background

Dan has spent over 20 years pioneering technology and helping others unleash its potential. He shares how staying ahead of trends and embracing change “before you can make money from it,” has enabled him to become an artificial intelligence (AI) expert and futurist. Dan believes that resisting progress only hinders productivity and innovation.

Speech marks

“I love stories and technologies that can change the world, and that can do so for everybody, and for the better.”

AI and finance

Stuart and Dan explore how AI will transform accounting, finance, and beyond.

Dan explains how AI has been developing for decades but only recently has it become far more accessible, fueling rapid progress. He discusses Generative AI in more detail, and says upskilling in AI will maximise job opportunities as algorithms will handle routine tasks. But human skills will be increasingly vital.

Speech marks

“I was lucky enough to be on the right side of history, because I've been talking about this for a long time and everyone thought I was crazy.”

Throughout the episode, Dan often compares the evolution of AI with the introduction of computers and the internet, showcasing how resistance and working against these advancements will only hinder work productivity and skillset.

Is AI going to take your job?

Stuart raises the important question that always gets asked - will AI take over people’s jobs?

While AI may transform jobs, Dan provides a detailed response, insisting that it won’t replace human workers. AI excels at specific, repetitive functions but still relies on people for abstract thinking and more. Upskilling will allow us to work with AI, not compete against it, and success will depend on asking the right questions and playing to our strengths.

Speech marks

“AI won’t replace you, but somebody using AI will.”

Security concerns

Security is crucial as AI becomes more pervasive. Dan warns against using free tools for business as they’re not necessarily protected if not paid for. He recalls several examples of secure and high-performing AI tools that can be purchased, and how larger companies are now inputting their own language models and AI systems to suit their organisation’s way of working.

Prompts and skills

Speech marks

“This is a moment of complex change. They [employers] have to bring in people with the skills, and have the vision, resources and incentives.”

Dan goes into more detail about the importance of prompts when using AI. He discusses how the language and tone you use is important, and how incentivising your team is also vital to ensure that the workplace is promoting collaboration and innovation together.

What should we be doing?

To benefit from AI, we must foster a growth mindset in our teams and stay passionate about our work. Dan encourages experimenting with various AI tools to discover their potential. For those eager to build AI skills, he suggests exploring his website and other resources to get started.

This technology has the potential to give you the skills and knowledge needed to turn an ambition into a reality, which means what really matters is how much you love what you do, and how much you want to do it.

Speech marks

“Don’t fear this. The only constant is change.”

Listen to the full conversation

Listen to the full conversation between Stuart Pedley-Smith and expert, Dan Sodergren (episode 32) now and get inspired to upskill in AI.

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