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Progressing in the data and tech industry and the importance of data in marketing

David Hanby on Career Goals

The seventh episode of our new YouTube series, Career Goals, is now available to watch, featuring guest David Hanby.

Dave works as a Senior Customer Insights Manager at Kaplan UK within the Marketing Department, where he identifies user behaviours from a commercial perspective. He talks about the importance of data within his job role, and how his apprenticeship with Kaplan has helped him to upskill.

Key topics discussed


Dave and Kelsey talk about what Dave’s job entails as well as how the Data Analytics apprenticeship has helped him with his role. He talks about how although data can require working with a lot of numbers, it’s all about the story that you tell with those numbers to ensure people are interested and understand the data.

Never have I ever

Some truths are revealed in a game of Never have I ever. They discuss funny yet frustrating work mistakes, and job interviews that haven't gone as planned.

Industry myths

Kelsey reads out a series of statements to hear Dave’s views on data analytics and working in the marketing industry. They discuss topics such as whether data is only about numbers, whether data can help us predict the future, and the many industries where data analytics is necessary.

Final thoughts

Dave answers the closing question: what does ‘career goals’ mean to you?

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