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BREXIT - should we stay or should we go?

Brexit: Should we stay or should we go?

Webinar hosted by Roy Daintith

Speaker - Roy Daintith, Senior Consultant for Macroeconomics, Leadership and Professional Development at Kaplan

The debate about whether Britain should remain in the EU or leave is the only story in town at the moment. The Government recently conducted a major study and announced that if we leave the EU that the economy would be 6% smaller by 2030, costing each household £4,300. The next day another member of the Cabinet declared we would be liberated in leaving the EU. In the last week of April, the OECD has published an estimate that exit might cost each household £2,200 by 2020 …or maybe £5,000...Confused.....? You will be!

Statistics galore and all seemingly contradictory. The objective of this short session is to provide an insight into some of the key arguments in the debate. This session will cover:

  • The size of the EU and the UK's contribution; gross, rebate, net and inward spend
  • The importance of the EU to UK trade; size and composition of UK trade; what are our biggest exports and which countries do they go to?
  • What do we import most and which countries does it come from?
  • Reasons for leaving, reasons for staying in the EU and why they might be wrong
  • It’s not just the numbers it’s also about behavioural responses to the data and to the decision
  • Factors to consider before making the decision

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