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How will Basel III affect your business?

Basel III (or the Third Basel Accord) is the framework for banking regulation developed in response to the 2008 financial crisis. Once fully in force in 2019, it will have a huge impact on banking business models.

It is imperative for anyone who does not understand the detailed mathematics that underlie financial risk management and for those working in the banking industry to have an awareness of the content of the Accord and its implications for the business.

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Why should you watch the Q&A?

  • Understand what Basel III is, and what it actually means
  • Explore some of the details of Basel III
  • Identify the business implications
  • Examine what actions may be required in response
  • Webinar host: Bruce Cowie, Head of Financial Reporting, Kaplan

Bruce Cowie leads the financial reporting training portfolio at Kaplan. He has delivered training in Financial Reporting and other allied topics worldwide for the last 29 years, including delivery of global training in the banking sector.

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