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Economic Outlook update

Recent economic data suggest that the UK economy is expected to grow by 2.6%, placing the UK as the world's fastest growing economy in 2014 overtaking the US.

However, the outlook for 2015 is not without its risks. The volatility in the Eurozone could potentially have substantial impact on GDP growth and the financial markets both in the UK and abroad.

Watch the webinar recording to discuss:

  • Current GDP, growth rates and unemployment with a look at regional trends
  • Outlook for wage growth in the UK
  • The UK budget and the likely impact on the economy
  • Implications of the impending UK election and the outlook if we have a hung parliament
  • The impact to date of the victory of Syriza in the recent Greek election and the implications for the Eurozone
  • Possible risks facing the UK economy in the near term

Delivered by Kaplan’s economic expert Roy Daintith. Roy is an economist and a highly experienced economic and finance facilitator. He previously worked as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and KPMG.

Join us as we review the global economic outlook and challenges ahead with our free webinar recording.

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