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Brexit: economic positions and predictions

After Brexit insights

Free webinar – 24th August 2016, 12-1pm

Speaker - Roy Daintith, Senior Consultant for Macroeconomics, Leadership and Professional Development at Kaplan

The UK has voted to leave the EU and the Brexit aftermath now resembles the world’s biggest game of Jenga. What will be the next move? Are the bricks of the UK about to tumble? At the moment we are witnessing the early throes of volatility, with markets driven by uncertainty and some degree of fear.

In a follow-up to his popular pre-referendum Brexit webinar, Roy presents a short session on the economic situation since Brexit and looks ahead to the potential long term financial implications. This session will look at the economic data published since the referendum, the key economic events and whether any economic bricks are about to topple.

This session will cover:

  • UK ‘state of the nation’ using key economic indicators - GDP, inflation, unemployment and regional trends
  • Identifying any hard evidence of a Brexit impact showing in the economy - balance of payments effects, increased import prices, inflationary effects and the exchange rate
  • Assessment of the impact on the EU
  • Key long term risks

It may be too early to say which bricks could fall, but we might begin to see a pattern starting to emerge and can have a little fun with considering what might happen next.

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