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The US presidential election: How will it impact the economy?

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FREE webinar, 3rd November 2016, 12–1pm CT (6pm GMT)

Speaker: Roy Daintith, Senior Consultant for Macroeconomics, Leadership and Professional Development at Kaplan

2016 has been a period of great political, economic, and leadership uncertainty. So far this year, we have seen the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, an attempted military coup in a major European country, and we are in the final lap of the US presidential elections. On headline indicators, the US economy is performing very well. What potential further impact will the elections have on our economy moving forward? How will potential changes impact your business? What can we learn about leadership and how leaders can guide a company through turbulent times?

Join Roy Daintith, a senior consultant for macroeconomics at Kaplan, for this insightful webinar to examine the current state of the US economy and how the elections could impact your business in 2017. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the position of the US economy
  • Analysis of GDP, unemployment prospects, inflation outlook, and trade balance
  • The situation facing the new president
  • Outlook for monetary policy
  • Structural issues, such as low labour force participation rates and mortality rates
  • Productivity issues and technology
  • A lesson of leadership for your own business

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