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Are you ready for the Apprenticeship Levy?

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FREE webinar, 16th November 2016, 12-1pm

Speakers - Cassandra MacDonald, Head of Professional Service Apprenticeships at Kaplan, and Richard Marsh, Apprenticeships Partnership Director at Kaplan

The final guidance on the Apprenticeship Levy and funding reforms were announced last month, meaning the Levy is now definitely on course to be introduced in April 2017. Whether you are a Levy payer or not, the new rules, coupled with the introduction of new Apprenticeship Trailblazer standards will impact on how you train and pay for Apprentices - do you understand what this means for your business?

Join Cassandra and Richard for this insightful webinar, in which they will cover:

  • What we’ve learned so far about the levy and funding reforms
  • What changes have been made in the latest update
  • How new Trailblazer standards will work alongside the new funding system
  • How you can prepare for the levy’s introduction in April 2017

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