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New Hires and Graduates: Turning Risk into Return

Graduates and new hires

Free webinar – 15th March 2017, 11-12pm

Speakers – Simon Taylor, Kaplan’s Senior Leadership Consultant, and Karis Stander, Managing Director at Investment2020

The Graduate and New Hire recruitment season is upon us and the process by which new talent joins companies is quickly evolving. The traditional relationship between graduates/new hires and the companies that employ them has changed.

Without an appreciation and understanding of this change, a costly recruitment model can become more expensive. We need to reconsider the recruitment and on-boarding process to ensure the offer meets expectation, and that on-boarding keeps the new hire enthused and focused.

Join Simon Taylor, Kaplan’s Senior Leadership Consultant, and Karis Strander, Managing Director at Investment2020, on Wednesday 15th March at 11am for an insightful web-ex that will cover:

  • Effective ways to communicate the right message to your audience in order to ensure greater compatibility
  • The i2020 model, which looks to broaden the traditional talent pool and create opportunities for inclusion
  • Analysis of current flaws within recruitment and onboarding
  • A new approach to recruitment: specifically aimed at maximising your return - getting and holding onto the best graduates

Join Kaplan and Investment2020 for this webinar, which ought to be a lively and thought provoking session.

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