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Financial Markets webinar - the future of funded training

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Speaker – Nici Caesar, Head of Financial Services and Donna Poynter, Kaplan Talent Partnerships Manager

The arrival of the Apprenticeship Levy has led to a renewed focus on relevant training for everyone working in the financial markets sector. In the flurry to understand how the levy operates, it has been easy to forget that the content and structure of Apprenticeships has also been going through a major overhaul with the phasing out of existing frameworks over to new Trailblazer standards.

These new Trailblazer standards are opening up exciting opportunities for any employer currently training staff through professional qualifications such as the CISI IOC and the CFA UK Society’s IMC as well CFA Levels I to III (with the development of the Financial Services Professional Apprenticeships at Levels 6 and 7).

Kaplan has been actively involved in the groups developing these new Apprenticeships and has unrivalled knowledge and expertise in this sector. Join Nici Caesar and Donna Poynter on Wednesday 24th May 2017 at 12pm for an insightful WebEx that will cover:

  • An overview of the Levy and how it works
  • What are Trailblazer standards
  • What are the main Apprenticeships relevant to the Financial Markets sector and what an Apprenticeship programme could look like for you
  • Recommendations and practicalities to help you plan

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