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How commercially astute are your people?

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Free event – 14th June 2017, 9:30-1:00pm

Does your company use a commercial assessment, that aligns the strategy of the business to the development of your employees?

Leaders must ensure that their people understand the importance of the bigger commercial picture and realise the consequences of everyday decision making. Yet, many of our clients wrestle with the issue of ‘commerciality’ or ‘commercial acumen’, and it’s easy to see why:

  • How should we define ‘Commercial Acumen’ or ‘Commerciality’? There is no right or wrong answer, but what does it mean for my business?
  • How do we know how commercially savvy the people in our business are right now? How can we avoid training people on what they know already? How do we ensure that others who need more development are catered for?

Most organisations assume that commercial acumen is simply the application of good financial management skills. This takes us so far, but certainly misses something: the initiative and insight that can turn a commercially sound decision into a decision that is a game changer for the business.

Our team of finance experts and behavioural scientists have created a unique way of assessing commercial acumen that we will be showcasing on 14th June:

The Kaplan Commercial Assessment - an online survey aligned to the commercial strategy of your business that you can employ to personalise learning and development solutions for your people.

We will show you how it works, give you the opportunity to try it out and tell you about how our clients are using it to develop the commercial decision making of their organisation.

Session details:

Date: Wednesday 14th June 2017
Time: 9.30 - 1.00pm (please join us for lunch after the session)
Location: Central London (further details will be provided)

To RSVP and register your interest in attending, please fill in the form. Availability is limited.

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