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Investment2020 – An introduction to Capital Markets

For a graduate beginning their career in the Finance sector, it can feel daunting and unfamiliar. There is a need for students to understand the ‘big picture’ and to learn about the different types of markets and to become familiar with industry jargon.

Recently, Kaplan Financial ran two separate one day courses - Introduction to Capital Markets for a range of school leaver and graduate members of the Investment2020 network.

The early part of the course aimed to explain the broad structure of the global financial markets and the roles played by key industry participants, referencing in particular the investment management industry.

The more detailed sessions that followed highlighted the features of, and motivations behind, equity, debt and derivative investments, and how and why they might be used within investment funds. The theoretical elements of the course were brought to life by references to recent events and changes in markets, guidance on decoding the financial press and a simulation exercise.

The delegates attending the course came from a wide range of roles within the investment management industry, including operations, HR, marketing and IT. The course helped them piece together a ‘bigger picture’ of the wholesale financial market place and where they and their firm fit within that.

At Kaplan, we continuously support our clients and their employees to ensure that they are as effective as they can be in their role.

Watch the short video to hear directly from the attendees about their experience.

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