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10 tips you need to help get you through your studies

A student studying with notes and a laptop

We’ve relaunched our Study Tips series, so watch the videos below to find out ten of our favourite and most useful tips to help you with your studies, presented by Kaplan tutor Andy Bradley.

Study Tip 1 - The power of an example

One of the best ways to apply your knowledge in an exam and show the examiner that you understand the subject is to use examples.

Study Tip 2 - Turn off your mobile! – multi-tasking doesn’t work

We may think we’re good at multi-tasking, but when it comes to studying it’s important to focus your energy on one thing at a time. Here are some tips for more brain-friendly studying.

Study Tip 3 - Commit to an exam date

Find out why it’s so important to commit to an exam date, especially when more and more exams are becoming on demand.

Study Tip 4 - Watch out for test anxiety

Watch this tip to find out more about test anxiety, and how it could actually be harming your performance in the exam itself.

Study Tip 5 – Get some sleep

Though it may seem like a good idea to cram in as much studying as possible, this video explains why getting a good night’s sleep could be more valuable.

Study Tip 6 – Set yourself realistic study goals

If you want to keep yourself motivated and ensure you’re making the best use of your study time, set yourself study goals.

Study Tip 7 – Make a study planner

Learn how to take one of the first steps towards achieving exam success – creating a study planner.

Study Tip 8 – Try mind mapping

If you’ve not tried mind mapping before, this tip explains how it works and the basic principles. Find out if it works for you!

Study Tip 9 – Find the right learning style for you

Understand how you can get the most out of your learning. We all learn differently, so it’s important that you work out what works for you.

Study Tip 10 – How to answer objective tests

Most of the professional bodies now use objective tests for at least some of their exams, so here are some hints and tips to help you master this exam format.