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Kaplan and CIMA collaborate -What do successful students do?

On 8th June 2017 a joint webinar presentation by Kaplan and CIMA took place, the culmination of an in-depth research initiative started in September 2016. This research looked at successful CIMA students (those that passed their objective tests first time) and aimed to answer the question – ‘what makes these students so successful?’

For this research, Kaplan shared the data of around thirteen thousand students and how they studied online. This data included amount of time spent online, what types of test they were attempting and when they were attempting them.  CIMA provided further background information on the students such as age, prior academic record and examination marks.

This was a unique collaboration and one that should be of great value to CIMA students looking to progress through the qualification. Using big data to identify the most successful student behaviours is a great example of how Kaplan are able to continually improve both the courses we offer and the support given to our students.

There were some key findings and practical advice that is worth sharing.

Here are three of the headlines:

  • On average, the time from the start of the course to when you sit the exam should be:  9 weeks for classroom and 11 weeks for live online
  • To improve your chances of passing, book the exam and don’t reschedule
  • To improve your chances of passing, take tests shortly after studying and sit a mock exam

There were many other interesting tips and hints in the full presentation that can be watched again on the CIMA website (requires CIMA Contact ID).

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