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Kaplan partners with the Association of Apprentices

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We are excited to announce that from April, we are becoming advisory panel members for the Association of Apprentices. This will provide a community for our apprentices to join, and events to attend, as well as having a corporate voice in the Association of Apprentices.

Find out more about the Association of Apprentices and how this may benefit you.

The skills crisis

Taking a look at the issues that employers are facing today, we find that there are currently over 35,000 data scientist jobs being advertised on LinkedIn. And yet, the government estimates that only 10,000 new data scientists will graduate from university each year. In short - there are not enough skilled professionals to fill this increasing demand. At Kaplan, we are looking to fill these skills gap by providing tailored in-house training programmes, alongside the apprenticeship offering.

Jenny Pelling, Director of Apprenticeship Development and Diversity, adds:

“Being part of a wider community can bring myriad benefits to our learners. We know our apprentices are keen to have opportunities to connect with others socially and learn from those at different stages and in different areas of work. The Association of Apprentice’s online and in-person events will enhance the personal and professional development of many of our apprentices. We’re especially pleased to involve those who are working for smaller organisations, where there may be less infrastructure to assist in the creation of networks."

I strongly believe that apprenticeships develop the whole person: the possibilities for connecting with others through the Association of Apprentices will have much to offer in this regard. I’m delighted that Kaplan is partnering with the Association of Apprentices and to be joining their advisory panel.”

Emily Austin, CEO Association of Apprenticeships, commented:

“I’ve worked with Kaplan previously and always admired their commitment to both their apprentices’ and their employers’ experience. I’m so pleased that we are able to support their apprentices with professional networking and development, and I’m thrilled that we get to work with Kaplan as they join our Advisory Board to help shape the Association’s offer as we grow and reach more apprentices in the UK.”

We are very excited to work closely with the Association of Apprentices.

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