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  • Kaplan gears up for phase two of Data & IT apprenticeships

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Apr 29, 2021

    Following the launch of our initial digital apprenticeship programmes, we are now gearing up for several new standards launching in 2021.

    Originally set up to combat the rising skills shortage in the UK workforce, Kaplan’s digital apprenticeship programmes have proven popular with learners, with cohorts underway or scheduled across all three standards.

    Looking forward to the next phase of our foray into data and IT apprenticeships, we have several exciting new programmes in the pipeline this year. These new programmes further diversify our digital learning options for both learners and clients, and represent the second phase of our digital roadmap throughout 2021 and beyond.

    What new programmes are launching?

    There are four new Data and IT apprenticeship programmes launching in the next 6 months.

    They are:

    • Finance Data Technician, Level 3 - May
    • Information Communication Technician, Level 3 - September
    • Software Developer, Level 4 - September
    • DevOps Engineer, Level 4 - October

    These programmes cross a range of technical disciplines, and are a stepping stone into some of the careers most in need in the UK at present.

    These standards last between 12 and 21 months and, as per all our apprenticeship programmes, have funding options for non-levy paying companies up to 95%. They will also benefit from the best-in-class pathways and study options offered by Kaplan, as well as access to experienced talent coaches and some of the best tutors in these fields.

    Jason Moss, Director of Digital Apprenticeship development, comments:

    Kaplan’s digital apprenticeship standards provide a great way of preparing your business for the challenges of tomorrow. They also have a vital role to play in helping job seekers access the still buoyant Digital jobs market - providing opportunities for anyone to access well paid and rewarding careers.

    Interested in one of our new digital apprenticeships?

    We’ll be announcing more about these programmes in the coming months, but if you want to give your company a competitive advantage through one of these new apprenticeships, you can request a callback and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    We also have further cohorts of our current digital apprenticeships starting soon. Check them out on our apprenticeship standards page, and get in touch to discuss.

  • Win £1000 towards your accountancy studies

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Apr 22, 2021

    Given the challenges of today, we thought this competition could help someone who’d like a financial boost to their studies.

    From Monday 19th April we have launched the competition from our Instagram account. The rules are very simple and, as stated in the title, the winner receives £1000 towards their studies.

    What do I need to do?

    To enter the competition you simply respond to our competition post by:

    • Tagging at least one person who’d love to win this
    • Liking our post
    • You and your tags need to be following our account @Kaplanuk
    • Also you can share to your story (optional)


    A screenprint of our Instagram competition post 

    What happens if I win?

    If you win (chosen randomly) you’ll be contacted by our team. Once you have been notified you will have 3 months to redeem your prize.

    The money can be applied to any of the following qualification courses: ACCA, CIMA, AAT, ACA/ICAEW, IMC or CFA course and for any study method. The competition closes on the 30th April.

    So what are you waiting for? Good luck!!

    Terms and conditions are here.

  • 2021 Budget extends Apprenticeship deadline and boosts incentive

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Mar 03, 2021

    As part of an economic support package released in summer 2020, the Government introduced a financial incentive for employers to take on new employees as Apprentices. It has now been extended.

    This incentive was due to end in April 2021 but, following the Chancellor’s announcement, it has been extended until September 2021. This will now cover the vital summer recruitment period.

    And to make things even more attractive, the amount payable has been increased to £3,000 per Apprentice, regardless of age (it was £2,000 for younger apprentices but just £1,500 for anyone employed over 25).

    This means that any employer taking on an Apprentice can benefit from:

    • A £3,000 cash payment per Apprentice hired (new employees only)
    • A 95% subsidy of the training costs (if not paying via the Apprenticeship levy)
    • National Insurance breaks if the Apprentice is aged under 25

    All in all, it’s a very supportive package.


    Another headline grabbing measure is an extension of the Apprenticeship Training Association (ATA) model, which is a bit like a temp agency for apprentices.

    ATAs employ Apprentices and then ‘hire’ them out to other employers to complete elements of their Apprenticeship. That way Apprentices get lots of experience, plus smaller employers who perhaps couldn't afford to provide a whole apprenticeship can now participate by offering a limited amount of employment.

    Unfortunately, however, the 10 Apprentice maximum for non Levy paying employers has been retained. But apart from that there is now a very good reason to see what an Apprentice can do for your business!

  • What’s the difference between standard and full day Live Online courses?

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Feb 11, 2021

    If you don’t already know, Live Online is our accessible and flexible online study method. You get the structure and schedule of classroom learning, but you can study wherever you want.

    We offer afternoon and evening (standard) or full day options. But what does this mean? Let us explain.

    Full day Live Online

    As it suggests, you study all day on a full day Live Online course. So that’s 9:30am - 4:30 pm.

    The classes are capped at 40 students, and they provide an exact replica of a classroom course and programme in terms of syllabus coverage. You also get the same short breaks as you would if you were in a face to face situation.

    This is to replace any classroom lessons that can’t take place, at the moment, or in the future.

    Afternoon/Evening (Standard) Live Online

    Afternoon or Evening Live Online classes are our usual offering. Each session lasts two and a half hours, though AAT does offer morning sessions at some levels.

    You have to do slightly more home study and reading in your own time around the sessions than on the full day option, but it’s still like classroom learning. You have to attend and stick to the scheduled session times.


    So apart from the timings, it’s mostly the same.

    You still get live, tutor led classes at set times, the ability to rewatch your lessons, and the ability to talk to your classmates during the class via a live chat panel. So you know you’ll get to ask questions and interact.

    You’ll also get marked mock exams, learning materials, tutor support, and access to the academic support team seven days a week.

    Like the sound of Live Online?

    To take up either option you have to select the course you want from the product pages, and the study method, then you will eventually be given the option to select which Live Online version you want. It will give you the options: ‘day’, ‘afternoon’ or ‘evening’ and show the times of the classes.

    If you think this might be the study method for you check out our Live Online information - you can find out which qualifications you can study, and when the sessions take place.

  • How KAAP is benefitting our apprentices

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Jan 28, 2021

    In December 2020 we held our latest Kaplan Apprenticeship Advisory Panel, which is an open forum that explores ways to refine and improve our apprenticeship programmes.

    The panel is made up of apprentices and senior apprenticeship staff members at Kaplan, and the discussion is honest, open and informal. December’s meeting was held online and was clearly structured to enable us to cover a lot of ground.

    Here’s a breakdown of each section.

    Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) update

    Our Quality and Equality Manager, Sarah Powell, revealed what Kaplan is doing for EDI. She detailed the feedback taken onboard after the last KAAP meeting and actions taken in response.

    Here are some of the actions mentioned:

    We plan to promote EDI through…

    • Being more transparent with data and what we are doing to improve
    • Increasing our presence at EDI events (i.e. BAME apprenticeship awards)
    • Having an EDI social calendar
    • Speaking to clients about what is important to them in relation to this.
    • Gaining more insight from our students.

    Website improvements workshop

    Following this we had an interactive session with our website team. Using the latest in online collaborative tech our web team conducted a live feedback exercise to get a stronger insight into the apprentices’ user journey on our site.

    For context, the team created a story of a fictional apprentice ‘Claire’, and how she decided to embark on her apprenticeship. It explored: where she might look for information, how she was feeling throughout the application, how she was feeling during her apprenticeship.

    The aim of this session was to ensure that our site can become more intuitive at every stage of our learners’ development with Kaplan. This is an ongoing project and we should see the fruits of this labour very soon.

    End Point Assessments feedback

    At the end of the session Apprenticeships Partnerships Director, Jenny Pelling, facilitated questions and feedback directly from a few of our current apprentices. This mainly centred around EPAs.

    Jenny invited feedback by posing the question ‘What would you like to see throughout your EPA journey?’.

    The apprentices discussed areas they felt they could use more support around, in relation to their EPAs, such as portfolios.

    Although they appreciated that they received much information about the EPAs, in the early stages of their programmes, they felt they didn’t absorb all of it at the time as their focus was elsewhere.

    Then there was a discussion around possible solutions, such as more support in the form of phonecall at a relevant time to help them feel better prepared, and improving the timing of feedback so that they have enough time to action it.

    National Apprenticeship week 2021

    Finally, and to wrap up, the panel acknowledged the forthcoming NAW in February 2021. We offered up potential ideas around what we could do to make the next KAAP relevant to it.

    Some thoughts were suggested around hosting a webinar with polls and questions, a Q&A panel, and ensuring it would be relevant to school and college leavers considering an apprenticeship. Following this we have decided to host an event during National Apprenticeship Week.

    Register for Kaplan Introduces: Kaplan Apprenticeship Advisory Panel - Build the Future

    If you are passionate about Apprenticeships and how they can make a difference in the professions, visit our advisory panel web page for more information. 

  • What is Kahoot?

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Jan 18, 2021

    Kahoot is a game-based learning platform, which a growing number of Kaplan tutors are using when delivering lessons. But how does it work?

    Essentially it’s a digital quiz platform that can be customised to any subject you like, and can be synced up to your phones or tablets.

    We spoke to one of popular tutors, Andrew Mower, who swears by the tool and uses it as part of his every day teaching.

    He comments ‘It’s basically a game based learning software, which can help embed the students’ learning. I use it online or in the classroom (when we were in the classroom). The students all log in, using a pin’.

    So it’s easy to use with the devices that students and Kaplan tutors already have at their disposal.

    Competitive lessons

    For those with a competitive streak it’s particularly ideal, as there’s a leaderboard function which can introduce an element of friendly competition. But the tutors and students are free to use however they want.

    I use Kahoot at the end of the day to see if the students have understood everything. They are usually pretty proud when they win! It’s a great way to break up the day and cement knowledge

    - Andrew Mower, Kaplan tutor

    Kahoot partnership

    Kaplan are now official partners with Kahoot, which allows us to access more features of the platform. We’re now in a position where every tutor can gain access to the platform.

    So if you like the idea of live streaming Kahoot, and it’s not already part of your lessons, then speak to your tutor!

  • Kaplan win CIMA Excellence Award

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Jan 14, 2021

    CIMA honours Kaplan Financial for its outstanding contribution to the accounting profession in 2020.

    Kaplan has won a CIMA Global Pass Rate Excellence Award at the first-ever CIMA Excellence Awards virtual ceremony, which were held on 11 December 2020.

    This award recognises Registered Tuition Providers who have consistently achieved excellent pass rates across all Case Study levels, and multiple exam windows.

    The CIMA Excellence Awards celebrate outstanding academic partners, tuition providers and students who have made significant contributions to the accounting profession and the Institute over the past year. They highlight high-quality teaching, research, and learning in accounting education across the world.

    Andrew Harding, FCMA, CGMA, Chief Executive – Management Accounting at CIMA, commented:

    The CIMA Excellence Awards honour institutions and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the accounting profession and worked tirelessly to enrich their students, providing them with the best possible tuition and prepare the next generation of accounting professionals. The award received by Kaplan is a true testament of its commitment and dedication to building the future of our profession.

    The award is sponsored by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, the global accounting organisation formed by CIMA and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

    The CIMA Excellence Awards will be presented annually to those who have made a difference to the global accounting community, and proactively supported their students towards earning their Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation: the most widely held management accounting designation in the world.

    We are delighted to have received such prestigious recognition in an incredibly tough year full of unique challenges. Here’s to more student successes in 2021!

    What is CIMA?

    The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), founded in 1919, is the world’s leading and largest professional body of management accountants. As part of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (the Association) its members and students operate in 179 countries, working at the heart of business.

  • New year, new challenge, more fitness

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Jan 14, 2021

    It’s widely known that exercise is linked to better mental health, so we are making efforts to keep active across Kaplan Financial UK.

    In normal circumstances January can be difficult. But we don’t live in normal times, and the challenges have become boosted furthermore by recent announcements.

    So how can we respond, within the limitations?

    Of course, one way to combat this is through exercise. And since last September’s National Fitness Day, at Kaplan we’ve dedicated one hour a month to exercise. Initially this was a one off event to coincide with the special day, but our colleagues at Kaplan embraced it so much that we made it a permanent fixture for the winter months in 2020-2021.

    The links between fitness and mental health are notoriously stark. As per’s comment:

    Participation in regular physical activity can increase our self-esteem and can reduce stress and anxiety. It also plays a role in preventing the development of mental health problems and in improving the quality of life of people experiencing mental health problems.


    Working from home all the time can make us feel stagnated and a little claustrophobic, so getting out into the open, before it gets dark, can be an enormous boost, particularly when you might be looking to work off some of that holiday weight.

    In that hour many of our staff have simply gone for a walk, a run, rode their bike or completed an online aerobics class. Of course there are many options.

    So if you’re struggling to motivate yourself in these difficult times, yet are working towards a goal with your studies, please try to be mindful of your physical well being as it could inspire your mental health and productivity.

    And we hope it helps to know that we are trying our best to practice what we preach!

    Here’s to a healthy and successful 2021 with your studies.

  • Winning awards for adapting to change

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Dec 03, 2020

    Kaplan have been awarded Bronze at the Learning Technology 2020 Awards for the 'Best UK digital transformation of a training programme’ for our response to COVID-19.

    The judges stated:

    [We] were particularly impressed by how quickly and boldly Kaplan reacted to the pandemic. The ambition and sophistication that was shown in the design of their solution, their thorough support for their customers and learners, and the strong evidence of initial business impact that they achieved.

    Recognition for adapting

    The award submission outlined our reaction to the pandemic this year. Due to the unprecedented disruption presented by Covid-19, our response had to be fast, well executed, and extremely coordinated.

    Our changes were applied consistently, to ensure our students’ ambitions could still be achieved, and client expectations met.

    Kaplan moved 24,000 learners - within a matter of days - from the classroom to live online teaching. Suddenly, training had to be delivered remotely by 175 tutors and we added an activity feed to 1,000 courses to help our students ask questions and share ideas.

    It was an enormous undertaking that we were determined to complete.

    Head of Product Management, Rebecca Evans comments:

    “2020 has been a year when we have all seen restrictions placed on our lives and have had to make changes to adapt. The 2020 annual Learning Technology Awards was no exception.

    “Gone were the evening dresses / dinner jackets at the London hotel. This year’s virtual event was over and done within little more than 45 minutes.

    “To achieve the Bronze award was, in Learning Technology’s words, ‘a very tough field with the highest number of entries to a single category ever’. This is phenomenal and a huge credit to the enormous amount of effort and dedication from every member of the Kaplan team.”

    A team effort

    With help from many teams around the business the award submission and presentation was a collaboration between many of the senior staff members involved in the project - Rebecca Evans (Head of Product Management), Lisa Nelson (Head of Product), Stuart Pedley Smith (Head of Learning), and Andrew Mower (ACA Product Manager and member of faculty).

    For more information about the awards please visit the Learning Technologies website.

  • Success at the BAME Apprenticeship Awards 2020

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Nov 19, 2020

    Kaplan was proud to sponsor the BAME Apprenticeship Awards 2020, which recognised the fantastic achievements of apprentices from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic groups, their employers, and learning providers.

    Hosted online, the live stream had all the glamour of a regular awards show and was a huge success. The event was a welcome reminder of the ongoing efforts of apprentices, as they studied throughout a difficult year.

    We were pleased to sponsor the Construction Services award category, presented by our Client Director Surju Kanani.

    Romario Cazaubon of the Mace Group took home the Apprentice of the Year award in this category, with Dionne Alder of Southwark Council and Pritam Bhojani of Atkins Global being Highly Commended. The Employer of the Year in this category was JS Wright & Co Ltd.

    Fantastic achievements all round.

    We were also delighted to see one of our own learners named as Apprentice of the Year in the Accounting and Finance category. Haider Ali, is a Level 7 apprentice with Kaplan and was delighted to be named as the winner:

    “Being crowned the national apprentice winner in the Accounting and Finance category feels incredibly overwhelming to say the least, particularly given the outstanding quality of competing entries.

    “Both my family back home in Pakistan and here in the UK are incredibly proud of what I’ve achieved, after my A-Levels, with my Kaplan apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce.

    “Growing up, I never had an abundance of ‘real’ models who looked like or came from the same background as me.

    “This victory isn’t just important for me but for every young boy/girl that will come across my story who may be Black, Asian or from any other ethnic minority that feels they can’t succeed in life because they aren’t always represented in society.

    “Your heritage is your power and absolutely nothing in this life is impossible.”

    Haider is currently studying towards the Level 7 CIMA Professional qualification with Kaplan. He had previously completed his Level 4 AAT qualification, and is on course to become a fully qualified Chartered Accountant.

    His employers, Rolls Royce, were also delighted by his win:

    “It comes as no surprise to us that he could win such an award, he is a great role model to apprentices of what can be achieved, well done!”

    A huge congratulations also to our partners EY, who picked up the Employer of the Year award in the Financial, Legal and Professional Services category. Their win reflected the company’s continued efforts in championing diversity and inclusion in their recruitment processes, and support for apprentices throughout their learning journey.

    We’d like to pass on our congratulations again to all the nominees and winners from the awards. We have a large number of talented apprentices from BAME groups, and look forward to supporting the work they do.

    You can still watch the awards ceremony if you missed it, or for more on Kaplan Apprenticeships, check out our Apprenticeship pages.

  • Dates announced for National Apprenticeship Week 2021

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Oct 29, 2020

    The UK government has recently announced the dates for the 14th annual National Apprenticeship Week.

    Next year’s edition of the much-celebrated National Apprenticeship Week will take place between the 8th and 14th of February 2021.

    Running since 2008, this week-long celebration of apprenticeships has received widespread praise and engagement from apprentices, employers and providers. Events have traditionally taken place up and down the country, showcasing how apprenticeships have helped both businesses and people from across the employment spectrum.

    Focus for 2021

    Whilst a theme has yet to be announced, a key focus will be placed on the amazing work by employers and apprentices across the country over the past 12 months. It will also recognise how employers and providers have stepped up combat the challenges during these unprecedented times.

    It’s expected to have a different feel than in previous years, with a large emphasis on digital and virtual events. Kaplan will be no exception to this, and has plans for exciting activities and content during the week.

    Jenny Pelling, Apprenticeship Partnerships Director at Kaplan, comments:

    “The success of this year’s apprentices has been a remarkable and humbling achievement. As well as showcasing the positive impact they’ve made in the workplace, National Apprenticeship Week highlights the impressive dedication of employers in developing apprentices.

    The brand of apprenticeships is improving all the time and we are delighted to be helping boost the awareness during National Apprenticeship Week.”

    With learners in over one third of the top 100 Apprenticeship employers of 2020-2021, we pride ourselves on the quality of our apprenticeship programmes, and look forward to celebrating with our amazing apprentices and partners during National Apprenticeship Week 2021.

    Keep an eye out on our social channels and insights section for further information on our upcoming events for NAW 2021 in the coming months.

  • Safety first: Positive feedback as we resume centre exams

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Oct 06, 2020

    Your safety is our priority. We've introduced numerous measures to our centres to ensure they meet today’s requirements.

    This means we’re now able to offer exams at a reduced capacity so you can get your studies back on track and follow your career aspirations.

    Across all our centres, the response has been fantastic so far. We hope this reflects how seriously we are taking your safety. Here are just a few:

    The experience was good, lots of measures in place for Covid and the Kaplan team I met were very helpful.

    - Learner from our Cambridge centre

    The staff were very clear on the instructions and made you feel at ease.

    - Learner from our Leeds centre

    The centre as well organized, as usual, safe and very clear about the social distance.

    - Learner from our London Islington centre

    Given the current circumstances I was extremely nervous to sit my exam under the new conditions. However, everyone made me feel so comfortable and the staff are always so kind and polite. I will definitely recommend Kaplan to anyone looking at doing their exams or wanting to sit an exam.

    - Learner from our Manchester centre

    For more information on what precautions we have put in place please check out our snappy explainer video:

  • Giving back, in partnership with RefuAid

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Sep 03, 2020

    We know that education can open doors to new opportunities, a better job and a better life. Throughout our 80-year history, we’ve been a leader in expanding educational access, and giving back is a key part of our culture.

    Recently, through our work with RefuAid, we’ve been helping to upskill and develop those who have experienced forced migration.

    As stated on their website, RefuAid are a charity who offer ‘a practical response’ to those in need, be that through providing access to: language tuition, education, finance or meaningful employment.

    We work with people. All people. Regardless of nationality, religion or political affiliation.

    - RefuAid

    They offer solutions to the challenges refugees face once they are given the opportunity to restart their life in the UK. This is reflected in their official stated values and concerns: ‘There are few initiatives successfully providing long-term solutions to forced migration, meaning those forced to flee end up dependent on aid and handouts’.

    RefuAid focus on 3 main areas: finance and re-qualification, language tuition and specialist employment advice.

    We started our association with RefuAid through the English language courses we offer at Kaplan International.

    Progressing to Kaplan Financial

    After the working relationship was established, Kaplan Financial started to get involved. A number of RefuAid clients/students were showing an interest in pursuing a career in accountancy, so it felt natural to offer them accountancy training.

    The courses offered to these students are complimentary, and we offer extra support through our Progression Advisors to help with structure and well-being.

    So far we have welcomed 2 RefuAid students into our accountancy programme. Despite coming from very challenging circumstances, they have responded fantastically.

    Their stories

    For the sake of anonymity, we will call this first student Sam.

    Sam came to the UK from Palestine, where he was a qualified solicitor. Due to circumstances beyond his control he had to leave and start life all over again.

    Given his previous qualifications, he was looking to continue as a solicitor. But he started to develop an interest in finance and accountancy after experiencing elements of it through his exposure to property tax.

    Because I’m a refugee in the UK it is like starting from scratch. RefuAid helped me learn English at first and then I reviewed the options that were available

    - Sam, RefuAid and Kaplan student.

    Now, well into his ACCA qualification, Sam is passing his exams with flying colours. He cruised through his Applied Knowledge level and is now studying Performance Management for the Applied Skills level. 

    He is now looking beyond his studies and dreams of potentially becoming a forensic accountant. This is quite some journey in such a short space of time.

    I didn’t think this would be possible. I couldn’t even imagine it. Kaplan has made me feel special.

    - Sam

    Jon’s story

    Originally from Russia, Jon is a determined character.

    Already part way through his AAT qualification when starting out with Kaplan, he wanted to study AAT Professional level and begin his ACCA qualification at the same time.

    Jon has gotten a lot out of his experience studying, thanks to RefuAid and Kaplan, and states that he ‘admire(s) Kaplan for the opportunity’ and expresses his fondness for OnDemand.

    I love using OnDemand, it’s the best study method for me. It’s flexible and I can study whenever I want.

    - Jon, Kaplan and RefuAid student.

    Like Sam, Jon’s study momentum has allowed him to look to the future positively. In 1-2 years he sees himself becoming an accountant and possibly moving into taxation.

    This is some turnaround given that he only moved to the UK in 2016.

    Progression Advisors

    Our Progression Advisors are there to meet the student demand for one-on-one coaching. They offer support and facilitate study progress.

    Both students are grateful for the Progression Advisor they have worked with. This relationship has been essential for their progress.

    Their Progression Advisor, Nidaa Qureshi, has seen their development since day 1, and is delighted with what she sees.

    They are both taking to it really well, they’re so strong willed. Their determination makes them so easy to work with.

    - Nidaa Qureshi, Progression Advisor.


    There are countless other potential students, who could benefit from this kind of extra support. If your company is in a strong position to support RefuAid’s cause then do visit their site.

    These stories prove it’s possible to make a difference.

  • You said, we did

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Aug 20, 2020

    Despite this year’s challenges, our aim is to keep improving and listening to you. We receive student feedback throughout the year and try our best to implement a lot of your suggestions.

    This is what we’ve done:


    We’ve made an Activity Feed available to all of our students, so you can easily communicate with your tutor and other students on your course, and also start your own posts.

    We’ve also improved our course confirmation pages so you don’t have to call Student Services to find out when your course will be available in MyKaplan.

    You said that you were struggling to find your learning resources, and you didn’t know which learning activities to do. So we’ve restructured all courses for AAT, ACCA, ACA and CIMA around the learning programme, which includes a homework folder for each day of the course.

    Some of you are finding the volume of information on MyKaplan courses overwhelming, especially at the beginning of the course.

    In response to this we’re developing a welcome area on MyKaplan with information that pertains to your qualification such as: your route to qualification, how to use MyKaplan, how we support you and important policies. This leaves the main course to focus purely on the content relating to that subject.

    You said that you weren’t sure when access to MyKaplan would end for your course. So, we’ve added information to the: online basket, the product pages on the website, and added it to the confirmation email once enrolled.

    You will also get an email four weeks before your access to MyKaplan ends. Finally, we are updating the My Account area in MyKaplan so that you can easily see the number of days you will continue to have access to your course.


    When considering different study methods, you said that you’d like to try out an OnDemand course before buying one, so we’ve created a free OnDemand demo that you can access for 5 days. This is available for AAT, ACCA and CIMA.

    You told us that when you need to resit an exam that you would like more support. We have now introduced online resit courses for all our qualifications to help you prepare and get back on track.

    CIMA students

    You told us that you didn’t always ‘have the depth of understanding to tackle the Objective Tests’ as they are written in a way you weren’t expecting. We’ve now included Application Modules across all learning channels to help better prepare you for OT exams.

    Past exam content for the Case Study seemed to be confusing, so we have reviewed all the content and guidance, streamlining and simplifying the information so it’s easier to understand.

    We discovered that you were confused about the changes to the CIMA syllabus, and how to navigate through the transition period. So, we provided clarity and support by hosting quarterly advice webinars and updating Student Services with syllabus information, as well as updating our websites with syllabus specific guidance.

    We provided transitional support content to students who needed to sit an exam under the 2019 syllabus, having initially studied under the 2015 syllabus. This support will remain in place for the whole of 2020.

    ACCA students

    ACCA Students, with exemptions or who’d taken a study break, told us they were finding ACCA Strategic Professional challenging. We’ve improved the pre-course work by adding diagnostic tests focusing on key underpinning knowledge, with adaptive content released to those who require extra support.

    ACA students

    ACA students told us they needed more clarification on ‘personalised days’. More information has been added to your MyKaplan courses and tutors have been equipped with additional slides to share in class and prepare you for them.

    When studying remotely, students want an indication of how long it will take them to study various pieces of their learning content. Within ACA courses, we’ve added timings to each Study Module to help students understand the time commitment required for each piece of content.

    ATT students

    Those who are studying ATT said that you have ‘inadvertently sat subjects in an order that made it harder’ for yourself i.e. studied an advanced subject before an introductory one. So, we’ve improved the sitting guidance on the website.

    We’ve added a pop-up, when purchasing, that offers advice on sittings and has added information to the course introduction slides. It makes sure that all staff are giving the best possible advice to ATT students.

    Tell us more

    We always want to hear what you think, so we can keep increasing your chance of success. We’re running our next satisfaction survey in October, so keep an eye out for that.

  • AAT Award win for determined apprentice

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Jul 23, 2020

    One of our AAT apprentices has been recognised for his incredible effort and results.

    The 2020 AAT awards recognises the contribution of training providers, celebrating inspiring student journeys and highlighting the dedication of AAT tutors.

    Zak Barwell is a 21 year old Kaplan apprentice who, despite incredible personal challenges, excelled and progressed through his AAT course.

    Personal triumph

    Through sheer grit and determination, he managed to stay focused on his apprenticeship and channel his energy into making that aspect of his life a success.

    For instance, Zak was awarded 95% in his End Point Assessment, which is an astonishing achievement.

    His Talent Coach described him as ‘determined, passionate and an exemplary apprentice that should be recognised for being so conscientious and willing’.

    Congratulations Zak!

  • What type of student are you?

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Jul 02, 2020

    Do you think of yourself as a ‘Class clown’? Or maybe a ‘Procrastinator’?

    Find out with our new Instagram filter.

    The Kaplan Instagram account launched the filter in February and it’s proving to be quite popular with students. Once you activate it it assigns you a ‘student type’.

    When we released it we thought there’d be some uptake and that it’d die off after the first few months, but it’s still rolling. It’s just a fun, relatable thing that students can do.

    - Anna Cooper, Social Media Exec

    How to activate it

    To access it, all you need to do is log onto our Instagram profile with your phone, then click on the filter button (it looks like a little face icon) and away you go.

    Our Instagram account is useful for many things, we regularly post: motivational tips, well-being messages, links to useful blogs, new product announcements and course offers.

    So give us a follow, and don’t forget to discover what type of student you are!

  • Sponsoring the 2020 BAME Apprenticeship Awards

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Jun 18, 2020

    The BAME Apprenticeship Awards showcase the outstanding work and achievement of apprentices from black and minority ethnic groups (BAME), and inspires BAME apprentices to reach their full potential.

    We have a large number of apprentices from BAME groups, and we’re so proud of all the work that they do. So we’re delighted to be sponsoring this year’s awards in recognition of our amazing apprentices.

    If you have an apprentice, or work for a learning provider that excels in diversity, there is still time to get your nominations in. Nominations close on 26th June.

    Nominate your apprentice(s)

    Do your apprentices go above and beyond? Are they future leaders? Are they ambassadors for apprenticeships? You can take this opportunity to provide your rising stars with a platform to promote their great work.

    Nominate an apprentice

    Learning providers

    Are you a learning provider focused on promoting diversity and inclusion? Do you believe in social mobility? What are you doing to promote apprenticeships to diverse communities? Let the BAME Apprenticeship Awards know about the great work you’re doing.

    Nominate a learning provider

    Best of luck to all the nominees. We’re looking forward to discovering the winners in November.

  • What is online proctoring?

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | May 01, 2020

    Firstly we’ll answer the question: what is proctoring? It basically means the same as invigilating. To watch people take an exam and make sure that they don’t cheat.

    So how does that work online? With social distancing, many exams are going to be taken at home, online. If there isn’t someone physically there to watch you take the exam, how is it going to work?

    Sitting an exam at home

    If you are sitting an exam at home, you still need to be monitored to make sure you don’t have any outside help. Before you sit an exam on your own computer, you’ll need to download monitoring software that will be used to track you via your camera as you answer the questions.

    It is worth checking with your professional body if they have any checks you need to perform.

    Different types of proctoring

    During online proctoring, software is used to allow you to sit the exam wherever you like. To keep the exam secure and 100% reliable, software is used to track you and monitor you through video, so the exam goes fraud-free.

    Subsequent Proctoring

    Images and logs are captured as you do the exam, and are recorded on video. Later on, a proctor (aka an invigilator) will be able to see if you engaged in any form of cheating.

    The decision is based on the evidence from the captured images. Because everything is recorded, you can sit the exam at any time you feel like - just log in and begin an exam without prior scheduling, unless your qualification institute tells you otherwise.

    Live Proctoring

    This is more like a real exam setting. An online proctor actually watches you as you do the exam, via webcam. They can intervene if they notice anything unusual, just like in a real classroom setting. You would need to book the exam in advance to see if there's a proctor available to invigilate you.

    Automated Proctoring

    In automated proctored online exams, computer software is used to detect any instances of possible cheating or outside help. It can detect whenever different software is opened, or even if there's another person in the room. The remote proctor is alerted to any such events, and they are then in a position to review them.

    Exam setup at home

    You will need to make sure that where you are taking the exam is suitable and that the technology you have is reliable.

    So with that in mind, you will need to have:

    • A quiet private place to take the exam, where you won’t be disturbed
    • A computer with a webcam that is reliable and clear
    • An internet connection that is strong and won’t go down during your exam. Check with your institute if they have minimum requirements, or an internet connection test, just to make sure it’s going to be okay for your exam.

    Will my next exam be online?

    Each individual institute will be reviewing how they are doing their exams in the near future. Some institutes have cancelled them for the foreseeable future, and some are going to move to online as soon as they can, with at least one proposed to start exams this month.

    We will keep you as up to date as we can, but it’s best to check with your qualification provider for more information.

  • Across the board: Best in the world winners for ACCA and CIMA

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Mar 10, 2020

    Following the recent results taken from the 2019 ACCA and CIMA exams, our students have achieved an unprecedented number of first in the worlds.

    Three of the students were prizewinners from the December 2019 ACCA sitting, and three more were from the November 2019 CIMA case study exams. The latter covering all three levels.

    This is a testament to the grit, determination, and ability shown by our students up and down the country. Also, we shouldn’t forget the contributions of our dedicated tutors, support services and study methods - in our centres and online.

    Our goal is to make a difference to every learner - whether that's helping students who struggle to get over the pass mark, or those high-performing students to be the best they can be

    Zoe Robinson, Director of Learning, Kaplan UK

    At Kaplan, we strive to deliver the best possible training and support to our students. There is no better proof of this than through the performance of our students in their exams.

  • Our single-use plastic campaign wins PQ Editor’s Award

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Mar 03, 2020

    Last year we decided to stop using single-use plastic in our UK training centres, and got all our students, tutors and staff on board.

    We encouraged everyone to bring in reusable water bottles, and highlighted our refill facilities, to help people avoid relying on single use plastic. 

    In November 2019 we ran with the campaign across social media, to share this story, and it was received really well.

    Alongside this we also asked people to show us how green and environmentally friendly they were being, and if they told us, we sent them their own Kaplan bottle, packed in eco-friendly jiffy bags.

    And it was noticed!

    PQ Magazine awarded us their Editor’s Special Award for our single use plastic campaign. This is a wonderful award to win, as it really shows that innovative ideas and great engagement really pays off.

    Here’s to being greener in the future, and to more eco-friendly ideas.

  • Kaplan partners with CIPS

    by Katy Thomason-Stewart | Mar 01, 2024

    We are proud to announce the launch of our exclusive partnership with CIPS.

    We recently partnered with the largest organisation in the world that represents procurement and supply professionals - the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS).

    What does the Kaplan and CIPS partnership mean?

    The exclusive partnership was launched to develop a new CIPS OnDemand guided online course, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Pairing Kaplan’s award-winning content creators with CIPS’ excellent subject experts, the online course delivers internationally-recognised qualifications in a powerful, innovative new learning format, making it easier than ever to follow the qualification pathway to Chartered status and professional success.

    The partnership will see us working together to develop smart study options for aspiring procurement and supply professionals. With efficient learning, we’re hoping to raise ethical standards, propel sustainable innovation within the procurement and supply industry, and be part of the journey that lifts learners to the next step of their career ladder.

    CIPS OnDemand

    We are happy to announce that CIPS OnDemand is now available, providing learners with a structured learning environment by combining the organisation of a tutor-led course with the flexibility of interactive online study.

    Learners will gain access to additional support from Academic Tutors and advisors during their studies. The high-quality guided content follows the CIPS Level 4 Diploma syllabus, delivered through engaging interactive study modules - which is a new way of learning for CIPS students.

    What levels are included?

    We have initially offered the CIPS OnDemand course for the Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply. This level is a go-to option for those new to the profession.

    However, there are plans to roll out this method of learning onto the Level 5 Advanced and Level 6 Professional Diploma courses for those seeking more senior procurement roles in their career.

    About CIPS

    CIPS is the leading international body representing procurement and supply professionals. They have over 60,000 members in 150 countries, making them the worldwide centre of excellence on procurement and supply management issues.

    The activities of procurement professionals have a major impact on the profitability and efficiency of all types of organisations. CIPS offers corporate solutions packages to improve business profitability.

    What do the experts say?

    Amanda Boustred, CIPS Group Director of Professional Development, spoke about the new partnership:

    “New technologies and flexible ways of working are opening up exciting new ways in which people can build learning and professional development around their busy work and home lives.

    Through this collaboration with Kaplan, CIPS is aiming to maximise the success of ambitious procurement and supply professionals around the world, with a learning pathway that offers an alternative way to study.

    Our students will benefit from Kaplan’s expertise in developing user-focused training courses which, for years, have led to outstanding pass rates that exceed global averages. CIPS OnDemand supplements our other ways of learning enabling students to study around the clock, if they choose. And, as the profession continues to grow in stature, we hope this opportunity will empower more individuals to take the opportunity to embrace our qualifications - and make an even greater impact on the issues that matter.”

    Michael Smith, Managing director at Kaplan Publishing and Director of Business Growth Development, said:

    “We are delighted to be partnering with CIPS, who have an unparalleled reputation as the leading global procurement and supply institute. Together, we have produced a truly unique, engaging, and flexible learning experience that is fully aligned with the Global Standard and tailored to qualification learning outcomes for procurement and supply professionals seeking to advance their careers.”

    Kaplan and CIPS share a long history of success, since 1938 for Kaplan and 1932 for CIPS. Both organisations are leaders in their respective fields: CIPS is the world’s largest and most established procurement institute with over 60,000 members and 27,000 learners studying annually. Kaplan is a leading global education company and one of the largest professional training companies in the UK, training over 48,000 finance and accounting professionals each year.

    Interested in developing your career in procurement and supply?

    Our brand new CIPS OnDemand course is now available to purchase. The Level 4 Diploma will grant you the best starting point when seeking a new career in procurement and supply.

    Interested in developing your career?

    Find out more

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