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New hires – bridging the expectation gap

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Newly hired employees

In an ideal world, apprentices, school leavers and graduates would hit the ground running; contributing to their teams, making good relationships and navigating the political landscape, building a great personal brand and focusing their ideas and energy on what's important to the business.

That's where they normally end up, but it usually takes time. Part of the reason it does lies in the expectation gap between the newly hired and the organisation they join, and this gap is a costly one.

Download this whitepaper and find out:

  • What you can do to make your new hires transition into work quicker, easier and more relevant?
  • Why it’s essential new hires forge their professional identity within your business culture
  • The key capabilities required to frame your new hires’ development programme

Ian Stewart is Head of Leadership and Organisational Practice. He has over 25 years' experience of leadership development in the public and private sector. Prior to joining Kaplan, Ian ran the Behavioural Science department at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

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