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RSA student

Financial Markets webinar - the future of funded training

  • Webinar
The arrival of the Apprenticeship Levy has led to a renewed focus on relevant training for everyone working in the financial markets sector. In the flurry to understand how the levy operates, it has been easy to forget that the content and structure of Apprenticeships has also been going...
Graduates and new hires

New Hires and Graduates: Turning Risk into Return

  • Webinar
A costly business has just become more expensive. We need to reconsider the recruitment and on-boarding process, to ensure the offer meets expectation, and that on-boarding keeps the new hire enthused and focused. Failure to consider this ...
apprenticeship meeting

Accountancy Apprenticeships: New options for funding training?

  • Webinar
With much focus rightfully placed on the imminent arrival of the Apprenticeship Levy, it is easy to forget that the content and structure of Apprenticeships are also going through a major overhaul with the phasing out of existing frameworks…

'That was the year that was' - Taking stock of the 2016 economy

  • Webinar
As we approach 2017, we face the imminent prospect of the implementation of Article 50, the German and French elections, and the new US president basking in the honeymoon period of their first 100 days in office. How much political and econ…

Are you ready for the Apprenticeship Levy?

  • Webinar
The final guidance on the Apprenticeship Levy and funding reforms were announced last month, meaning the Levy is now definitely on course to be introduced in April 2017. Whether you are a Levy payer or not, the new rules, coupled with the…