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Learning & Professional Development survey

How vital is Learning and Professional Development this year?

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In a context of Brexit, commercial uncertainty and globalisation of the workforce, we collected and analysed a large group of respondents’ feedback regarding their L&D budget, current and future challenges and their development priorities…
RSA student

School leaver and graduate recruitment patterns - free report

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We are now quickly approaching the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, a change to the way that Apprenticeships will be funded, and have seen the implementation of Trailblazer standards. In order to understand the impact these changes ...

Benchmark your learning and development strategy

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Based on research from learning and development managers in the UK, this white paper explores learning best practice before, during and after training and is designed to help improve your learning and development strategy and provide suppor…

Bring on the Intrapreneurs

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What can your business learn from the street performers jostling for attention in Central Park? The challenges of both are more alike than it first may seem and both may benefit from an injection of intrapreneurship. It is common for larger…

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