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Leadership Performance.
Development in Context.

Our approach to behavioural development follows some key guiding principles

  • Leadership is personal, relational and influential and can be developed
  • Personal development is triggered through exposure to unfamiliar and challenging environments
  • Decision-making is the keystone capability of professional effectiveness
  • Professional learning is contextual
  • Leadership is a collective as well as an individual endeavour


Senior Teams EMERGING LEADERS First Time Managers Graduate/School Leavers

Senior teams are a crucial point in the decision-making process.

Innate competitiveness and individuality often found in high potential people can disrupt collective high performance. Trust, constructive conflict, collective commitment, loyalty and collaboration become vital ingredients if effective decision-making is to be achieved.

One size fits none – there can be no prescriptive development programme for senior teams.

We will work with you to create a tailored yet structured approach based around clearly defined goals set by you. This approach ensures that your senior leadership team develops the skills they need to succeed.

It will follow a structured approach to create a bespoke solution that clearly defines what the senior management team is expected to improve on after the development, and how that positive change/s will be manifested. The approach can include one to one interviews, confidential questionnaires, one to one and team coaching, team 360s and well-defined workshops over about 9 months.

View our videos on developing behavioural confidence

Young talent needs to be nurtured. Great talent is difficult to retain and the best become more mobile.

Investment of resources needs to be concentrated onto high potential individuals.

Business success will be fed by the emergent talent but this will only happen if these leaders can hone and refine their leadership style.

Our highly experienced team can work with you to design a programme that is tailored to your organisation that incorporates core themes such as:

  • how to become a strategic leader
  • mobilising networks and social capital
  • managing brand and reputation
  • building high performing teams
  • the skills of problem solving and decision-making
  • negotiating the politics of organisations
  • leading through ambiguity and major change


View our videos on developing behavioural confidence

As an individual rises through the talent pipeline, the job roles begin to reposition and the leadership ingredient starts to appear.

First time management can be an intimidating prospect for an individual – it is also an important role in any business in terms of driving commercial and organisational effectiveness as well as strategic messaging down and up the decision making process.

Our expert team can work with you to design a programme that will address the key skills of delivering value through others, which is commercially relevant to your business. The programme can incorporate core themes such as:

  • mastering delegation
  • using scarce time in a disciplined and consistent way
  • understanding followership not just leadership
  • influencing and negotiating
  • managing upwards
  • building networks and impact
  • managing star performers as well as under performance
  • the skills and disciplines of giving feedback and getting it for yourself.


View our videos on developing behavioural confidence

Job roles at the beginning of the talent pipeline can be restrictive, and frequently development interventions focus on relevant technical training – such as accountancy, tax, law and IT. However, building a great workplace, developing behavioural insight and ensuring financial literacy, are other aspects that need to be carefully shaped at this early stage.

Our graduate and school leaver specialist team can work with you to create a multifaceted, flexible programme that can be slipstreamed into existing graduate and Apprenticeship schemes, and tailored to your business and the commercial context.

We can make recommendations throughout, including assessment support during recruitment or probationary stage, short large-scale interventions to enrich standard training, and comprehensive development programmes.

View our videos on developing behavioural confidence


Our team understands business, and will become experts in yours.
We will work with you to create and deliver uniquely tailored programmes, helping every
member of your organisation consistently make more effective commercial decisions.


The tutor was excellent, as ever, combining technical knowledge, enthusiasm, and superb presentation. He kept everyone engaged throughout the day.

Excellent! I really enjoyed the stories and examples, which were used to illustrate the theory. Everything was delivered at a good pace too.

The presenter was very knowledgeable, with an amusing but clear style. He was confident in answering questions and made good use of the everyday examples.

Very good! The programme made you think about your attitude and approach compared to others, the facilitator’s positive ‘can do’ attitude is inspiring.

Great leadership DNA is built on two key strands:
Developing technical competence and behavioural confidence.





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