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Professional Knowledge.
Applied Learning.

Our industry experts will use their technical knowledge and extensive training
experience to deliver programmes matched to your organisation’s philosophy,
style and approach.

Whatever the formats or delivery methods, we will ensure that the approach
is focused, practical and effective.



Aimed primarily at those with a non-finance background who find themselves needing a better grasp of finance, these workshops will help your teams understand how financial information is constructed and enable them to gain better insight into the numbers.

Kaplan Business Challenge

Our business simulation is a particularly popular and successful product in this area find out more.

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These programmes are designed for the wide range of people working in finance, accounting or financial reporting roles, in both the private and public sectors.

Solutions are geared to what the delegate needs in the short and medium terms, and thus can include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Development of skills obtained during examination training
  • Reinforcement of existing knowledge
  • Advanced financial reporting to bring delegates up-to-date and prepare them for changes
View our videos on developing technical competence

With the increasing complexity of the tax rules, it is vital that individuals at all levels of an organisation keep up to date with the changes and regulations relevant to their work responsibilities. The cost of errors in terms of money, time and relations with HMRC makes this crucial.

Our workshops can have an impact at different levels – from the basic accounting function up to the directors. We will address issues that are specific to the organisation, ranging from VAT issues, considerations when designing remuneration packages, to the issues affecting the tax liabilities of the business.

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These workshops are based around three questions:

  • What could go wrong, or has gone wrong and why?
  • What action should we take now and in the future?
  • Who should we inform?

A wide audience will benefit from this training, which is built to be practical, timely and based on relevant case studies. Participants could include internal and external auditors (at all levels), directors and key managers, and individuals or departments with responsibilities for management information and control/risk management in its broadest sense, including fraud.

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Too many aspects of financial management are often badly executed in an organisation. The reasons are varied and tend to reflect different organisational cultures and approaches.

These workshops are aimed at the professional accountants, budget holders or business partners within an organisation, and their key objectives are designed around technique approaches, success and failure management, and corporate objectives alignment.

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Key areas addressed in the sessions include how markets operate; how they are controlled; and the essential knowledge required to understand the whole picture, from regulations and investments to financial statements analysis and valuations.

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Since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008, economics has been in the headlines more than ever. The increased complexity of global trade and financial markets, and the impact they have on the state of the economy (and therefore a business) make understanding economics absolutely critical for every organisation.

Our workshops are designed to provide delegates with a grounding in macroeconomics, as well as a framework for analysing and understanding economic news and data. They will focus directly on how economic forces are relevant to a business and how they affect each organisation’s financial performance.

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We will ensure that our technical workshops can be integrated into your professional development programmes in a commercially relevant and engaging way.


Our team understands business – and will become experts in yours.
We will work with you to create and deliver uniquely tailored programmes, helping every
member of your organisation consistently make more effective commercial decisions.


The lessons learned are far more memorable than any traditional training event. More than 10 years later, participants can recollect vividly what they did.

We really liked the balance and the structure of the programme between the technical, the behavioural, and the constant feedback between each other. The base case study was great.

Excellent presentation, high energy levels and expressive delivery helped make a dry topic interesting and engaging.

Excellent knowledge from trainers and the information was put across in a simple and understandable way.

Quite simply the best course I have ever attended. Has been so far for a decade.

Great leadership DNA is built on two key strands:
Developing technical competence and behavioural confidence.





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