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How Talent Coaches can help Apprentices

A talent coach supporting 2 learners sat at a computer

Our Financial Services Talent Coaches play an important role in supporting the journey of our Apprenticeship learners. So what does the role entail and how does it benefit?

Providing valuable industry knowledge

A talent coach's industry experience means that they can really understand and help the learner. They have the ability to break down technical jargon, impart key knowledge, and ask deeper questions to make sure that quality work is being delivered and that it’s in line with the Apprenticeship standards.

Having first hand industry knowledge for the learners to tap into with someone whilst on their Apprenticeship is really important. Whether a learner is struggling to understand something, or is unsure about a term used by a colleague, a Talent Coach can support as an impartial person.

Through my financial services background I am able to support apprentices on a daily basis in building their industry knowledge, skills and behaviours as I draw on my own experiences.

- Shaunna Lee - Deputy Team Manager and Talent Coach

Identifying strengths and weaknesses

Building relationships with each learner to understand who they are and what support they specifically need is key to helping them succeed. By knowing who each individual is they can learn what their strengths and weaknesses are and provide guidance in regards to: developing skills in the workplace, personal development, the Apprenticeship journey and the end point assessment.

Talent Coaches are also facilitators. They build strong relationships with learners’ line managers as well as the wider Kaplan team, making sure everyone is on the same page helping to set them up for success.

I work closely with an Expert coach on specific learning standards, who helps learners prepare work-based projects. I also communicate frequently with a Quality coach and the End Point Assessment team behind the scenes.

- Jackie Wilkes, Talent Coach

Reviews, assessment and feedback

Throughout a typical day, a Talent Coach will complete progress reviews with their learners. This is when they can hear all about their progress, knowledge, skills and behaviour development and what is happening in the workplace.

Discussing their qualification, and what is being learnt and their portfolio work, Talent Coaches are able to clarify any feedback they have provided to make sure the learner understands what is needed from them.

The Talent Coach will also be working on portfolio marking. This work involves reading through the learners portfolio submissions, assessing them against the standards and providing feedback to help them fully meet the learning outcomes of the Apprenticeship.

My day job involves meeting with the apprentices at critical moments of the journey, critiquing their submissions of their Plans and Reports, to ensure they meet the criteria and produce a professional document that aligns to the learning outcomes.

- Iain Groves, Expert Coach - Financial Services

Staying on top of industry changes

Alongside the development of learners, Talent Coaches continue their own personal development. This continuous development is essential when it comes to improving the service they provide when trying to remain up to date in the ever changing world of education, as well as changes in Banking and Finance.

Prior to joining the team I did not have any formal coaching or assessment qualifications but have been given excellent support to gain these additional vocational skills to bolster my ‘lived’ experience in Banking and Finance.

- David Ellis, Expert Coach - Financial Services

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This blog was sourced from Kate Steart, Deputy Team Manager and Talent Coach, after speaking to a variety of our Talents Coaches and Expert Coaches.