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Support, processes, and people

At Kaplan we understand that finding time for learning and development alongside the day job can be a huge commitment. So we have support structures, processes, and people in place to make sure our partners can focus on the positive experience and growth opportunities.

We hold ourselves to account with a set of robust KPI measures, so we can be confident that the level of service you receive as a Kaplan partner is second to none. 

Employer support

  • Dedicated client services team as your first step for day-to-day enquiries
  • Named client solutions contact who can keep you up to date with the latest updates, review progress, and ensure programmes continue to be effective and drive impact
  • Recruitment service to help you hire new talent for a vacancy
  • Complete transparency during the application and onboarding process for your employees
  • Accurate and accessible tracking to follow the progress of your employees studying and any qualification exams they sit
  • Learner portfolio dashboards so line managers can monitor their portfolio and see what they’re working on

Learner support

  • Specialist tutors who are educated in, and trusted by, industry
  • Tutor contact via email outside of scheduled classes
  • Contact and reviews for apprentices with a named, industry experienced talent coach to keep them on track
  • Collaborative learning with peer to peer contacts from across the profession, creating opportunities to spark new ideas and get new perspectives
  • Access to an integrated learning system with everything in one place
  • Student Service support available 362 days a year
  • Talent coach will provide both academic, progression, and wellbeing support through every step of the journey
Speech marks

There isn't anybody at Kaplan who won't help if we need it and that's priceless to us

Speech marks

The talent coaches who have a close connection to the apprentices are absolutely superb. There is never any judgement, even if someone falls behind and this speaks volumes for the support that Kaplan provides

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Client solutions team

In addition to the unrivalled level of support we offer to our clients and partners, we also have a strong solutions team led by experts in the industries we serve. It is essential that we collaborate and understand the employers we work with, to ensure the training and development we provide is fit for purpose.

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